How to Order Supplies

Supply roomSupply Services operates a store stocked with supplies to support the administration, custodial, maintenance, food service, and instructional needs of the division. The department personnel process over 25,000 supply requests annually for approximately $4.6 million. These sales are at cost with no mark-up for handling or delivery.

The maintenance section of the Distribution Center stocks supplies and hardware that keep our workers safe such as gloves and goggles as well as tools and hardware to keep schools operating. The sales for fiscal year 2015 were $550,530.

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Because we ask for bids on items, the cost to the school division is significantly less than your typical hardware store.

Having a Maintenance Distribution Center and Facilities in the same location is a convenience and efficiency for the school division. It also helps to keep schools open and safe with 24 hour access to emergency supplies.

The criteria to stock an item in the warehouses is fairly stringent because there are no funds available to add items that have a risk of not selling. Therefore, to be stocked, an item must pass the following minimal tests:

  • Must be a divisionwide requirement. (For example: all schools or all elementary schools, etc.)
  • Potential usage rate per year warrants buying in large (bulk) quantities.
  • The discount obtained by buying in bulk quantities is sufficient to warrant the expense of stocking in the warehouse.

How to Order Supplies

Supplies are ordered from the warehouse via the AMS AFIN computer software which may be accessed at every school and department. "Stock requisitions" are electronically transmitted to Supply Services where the requests are processed and the supplies delivered to the requesters, often the next working day.

Instructions for ordering supplies via an electronic stock requisition are available at every user location or can be obtained from Supply Services.

In addition to the electronic ordering process, an order for supplies may be hand carried to the warehouse where it will be filled while you wait. We try to reserve these "over the counter" transactions for emergencies because they are time consuming.

We encourage personnel in the schools and departments to let us know about the quality of the products we stock through the use of an evaluation form or just a note. Also, if you know of a new product that you think may meet the above criteria for becoming a stock item, let us know and we will research the item and the requirement.