Redistribution Center

Delivery truck The Redistribution Center is responsible for proper disposition of surplus property sent by the schools and central offices throughout the School Division. Whenever possible, surplus property that is in good condition is redistributed to schools at no cost. The savings based on tracking this redistribution is estimated at over $200,000 per year.

The remaining surplus is sold online through the Public Surplus auction site. New auction property is put online twice weekly and has generated between $100,000 and $348,000 annually for the last four to five years. The 2014 total was $348,000. With the online auction we are able to reach out to customers within and outside the United States.

Any remaining surplus property that is metal is sent to a metal recycling center where the School Division has been receiving an average of about $11,000 over the last four years.

Regardless of the final specific disposition method, the Redistribution Center is an extension of Property Control and provides a centralized, standard accountability process for the school supplies and equipment.