To add a degree to your Virginia Teaching License you must send the following "complete packet" to the PWCS, Certification Office.

  1. A completed Licensure Request Form (Word)
  2. Official transcripts with degree conferral. All transcripts should be ordered and sent to your home address so that you may include them with your licensure packet.

    Important: Use caution when ordering transcripts. Official transcripts with a stamp or seal is required. Some institutions contract with other companies (third party) to issue official transcripts. The transcripts may be accepted if received in sealed envelopes. Placement records sent from colleges, electronic transcripts, grade reports, PDFs, photocopies, and student printouts of transcripts will not be accepted. In some cases, you may have to contact the registrar's office directly to make a special request for acceptable transcripts. Marked up or highlighted transcripts are also not accepted.
  3. Fee of $25; Pay electronically using the Electronic License Fee Payment option or make check, money order or cashier's check payable to Treasurer of Virginia- use only blue or black ink.
  4. If you pay electronically, include a copy of the School Payment Receipt Confirmation with your licensure packet. (This receipt was emailed to you when you paid your fee using the electronic payment portal and must reflect the amount paid. A copy of the license fee form with check boxes is not acceptable, since it doesn't confirm payment was made.)
  5. One complete, single licensure packet with supporting documentation for all licensure processes may be sent to the PWCS, HR- Office of Certification via courier mail from your work location or by U.S. mail directly to the Edward Kelly Leadership Center, PWCS Office of Certification, P.O. Box 389, Manassas, VA 20108

You may also be interested in the Salary Upgrade Process for PWCS teachers. The Salary Upgrade Process is an internal process within the PWCS Compensation Office. A salary upgrade request form must be received and approved by the Office of Certification in order to be eligible for a salary upgrade.