Endorsement Requirements

Enrollment in an approved licensure or career switcher program is the recommended route to obtain Virginia licensure.

  • Career Switcher Programs are the most cost effective and quickest way to becoming an educator using an alternative route to licensure if you have earned a bachelor's degree and completed the appropriate assessments to meet enrollment requirements. Contact career switcher program providers for more information and cost overviews.
  • Approved Virginia Programs - enrollment in a traditional, approved licensure program to become an educator is highly recommended. Teacher preparation programs are designed to provide students the best knowledge and experience for becoming leaders in education.

The endorsement requirements and/or worksheets are provided for teacher applicants who believe they have completed enough course work to be eligible for alternative licensure. Applicants can perform a self analysis by comparing the content course requirements for each endorsement to their college transcripts to find out if they meet the minimum requirements of content course work indicated for the endorsement area sought.

Note: A content course for each specific licensure requirement must be completed. Blended courses are not accepted by the VDOE to meet specific endorsement requirements. A full college course for each required component must be completed from a regionally accredited institute.

Prince William County Public Schools is not a program provider and cannot create a program of course work for you to become eligible for licensure. Please consult with a program provider at a college for guidance if you need additional courses.

To be considered for a contracted teacher position, all applicants must complete the Teaching Application process and include all unofficial transcripts for all educational history to show license eligibility.

Licensure is a post employment process after a teacher contract offer has been made by a hiring supervisor. (Important Note - the VDOE issues licenses effective July 1 of the school year in which you apply for the license therefore consideration should be made when applying for initial licensure mid-year.)

For more information on licensure requirements, see Licensure Regulations issued by the Virginia Department of Education.


The Virginia Department of Education Licensure Regulations change periodically. The worksheets should only be used as a guide and are subject to change without notice. Use caution and make yourself knowledgeable of all proposed or upcoming licensure changes on a regular basis.