Licensure for Current Staff

The PWCS Office of Certification provides guidance to licensed staff on all licensure processes and salary upgrades. Licensure Specialists work directly with the Virginia Department of Education on your behalf for all licensure related requests. As the official licensing agency, the Virginia Department of Education makes the final determination in all licensure matters based on current licensure regulations and guidelines.

License holders should follow the instructions for each licensure request and send a complete licensure packet to the assigned licensure specialist in the PWCS Office of Certification as follows:

Last Names A-L

Send packet to: [email protected]

Laurie Zumwalt, PWCS Office of Certification

Last Names M-Z

Send packet to: [email protected]

Jennifer Missner, PWCS Office of Certification

Licensed staff of PWCS should not send licensure documents directly to the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). All licensure requests should be processed by a PWCS licensure specialist.

The Alpha Roster of Requests Mailed to the VDOE (Excel) is the best resource to determine if your licensure request was received by the Office of Certification and sent to VDOE for processing on your behalf. Allow 10 days from the time you send your request to check the Alpha Roster.