Dyslexia, Meaningful IEP, and Building A More Inclusive School Community Training

Dyslexia Training

Dyslexia Awareness Training Module (required with each renewal)
This module is accessible from PCs and Mac computers. Viewing on an iPad or smartphone requires the download of the free "mobile player." Users should complete the module in one session and have access to a printer.

Meaningful IEP Training

Free Meaningful IEP Meetings Training (new, beginning 2023)

Your name and date of completion must be typed on the certificate you receive. 

To do so:

  1. Download the certificate after passing your quiz
  2. Right click the PDF file in your Download folder, select “Open with” and then “Microsoft Edge”
  3. Select “Add text” on the upper menu bar
  4. Left click to place a text box on large middle line and type your name
  5. Left click to place a text box on the date line and type the date
  6. Save the PDF by clicking “Save As” (disk with pencil symbol on menu bar) and overwrite your blank original.

Building a More Inclusive School Community Training

Free Building a More Inclusive School Community: Key Elements Training (new, beginning 2023)