Salary Upgrade Process

Salary Upgrades for college credits and degrees beyond the bachelor's degrees earned at regionally accredited colleges and universities are available to employees on the teacher salary scale.

Upgrades are processed only upon receipt of the Salary Upgrade Request Form and supporting documentation for each salary upgrade. Grade reports are not accepted for this process. Upgrade requests are processed twice a year for the following levels:

  • BA+15;
  • MA;
  • MA+30; and
  • Doctoral.

A complete Salary Upgrade Packet (Completed Salary Upgrade Form and supporting documentation) must be sent to the Office of Certification by September 30 to become effective the first semester of the contract year and by January 31 to become effective February 1 of the second semester of the contract year. Approximately two weeks after sending in your salary upgrade request, you will receive a copy of your approved salary upgrade form via PWCS email confirming receipt and approval of your salary upgrade request. If you do not receive a confirmation copy indicating approval for the salary upgrade, it is your responsibility to resend the Salary Upgrade Packet by the deadline date or provide proof (such as fax confirmation) of your salary upgrade request.

Note: The Salary Upgrade Process does not apply to employees on the Administrative pay scale.


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