National Board Certified Teachers Score Release for 2021-22 Cycle

National Board Certification is a standards-based assessment. Scores reflect the degree to which assessors were able to locate clear, consistent, and convincing evidence that teachers have met the National Board Standards specific to the certificate field. When scores are released, candidates receive results for each component attempted, as well as information to assist them in making decisions on whether or not to retake. The National Board will release scores, certification, and renewal decisions for the current assessment cycle for all candidates, initial and Maintenance of Certification, December 10, 2022.

All National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs), both newly certified and those who have successfully completed maintenance of certification, should use the following link to notify the Human Resources Department no later than December 16.

National Board-Certified Teachers Status Update Form

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National Board Certification Resources and Information

More than 100,000 teachers have been certified since the inception of the National Board Certification program. PWCS ranks second in Virginia as one of the top five school divisions statewide for total number of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs). The Prince William County School Board and administration have made a commitment to support teachers who are interested in applying for National Board Certification. They realize that by going through this process, teachers become strengthened in their practice and their students are the beneficiaries.In 2017, the goal to increase the number of NBCT's to at least one NBCT per 500 students was achieved. Since 2018, there has been an emphasis on increasing the numbers of NBCTs in secondary and Title I schools. There are more than 90,000 students in PWCS and close to 200 NBCTs. The Human Resources, Student Learning, and Professional Learning Departments are working collaboratively to help increase and support the number of PWCS teachers seeking National Board Certification.

The departments seek to:

  1. Provide NBCTs with significant and meaningful professional development opportunities to support them in their roles as mentors and help them identify ways to continue growing professionally.
  2. Obtain the commitment of NBCTs to help continuously improve the National Board Certification program in PWCS.
  3. Establish a strong, well-organized candidate-support process that includes consistent mentor training and a well defined series of support activities such as overview sessions and pre-candidacy cohorts.

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