School Leadership Licensure

Adding School Leadership Endorsement

License holders are encouraged to complete approved licensure programs to add the Admin/Supervision K-12 endorsement to a license. The Admin/Supervision K-12 endorsement allows the license holder to serve as a Principal, Assistant Principal or other administrative assignments within the school division.

Course work can be applied to license renewal requirements at 30 points per semester hour credit. (A three credit course = 90 license renewal points.)

Many colleges offer online or local class locations, check your options with each college provider and choose the college program provider that best suits your needs. Don't forget to ask about possible discounts offered to PWCS staff or Virginia license holders!

Accelerated programs give you the opportunity to complete licensure requirements in as little as one year if you currently hold a master's degree. Contact the college of your choice to learn more about the programs offered.

License holders should seek guidance from the program advisor at each college and obtain confirmation that the program will lead to licensure in Virginia prior to enrollment.

Required Documentation

Upon completion of an approved licensure program for Admin/Supervision K-12, license holders must send the following documents to the Office of Certification to add the endorsement to a license:

  • Licensure Request Form (Word)
  • Official Transcripts with stamp or seal - no internet or third-party transcripts are accepted by the Virginia Department of Education.
  • Fee of $50 payable to Treasurer of Virginia
  • College Verification Form (PDF) - signed by the licensure official at the college
  • School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) Score Sheet

Licensure Programs - Approved Virginia Programs