Leave Benefits

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Annual Leave

Managers and 250-day employees are entitled to annual leave which is earned according to a predetermined schedule.

Civil Leave

Civil leave is available for employees who are selected for jury duty or who have received a subpoena.

Personal Leave

An employee is advanced five days of personal leave. Personal leave may be used for non-emergency matters deemed important by the employee, i.e.; personal health, welfare, and/or safety, that need to be addressed during the regular work day. Unused personal leave converts to sick leave.

Sick Leave

Sick leave can be used for yourself, for family members, or for a permanent resident of the employee's household. It can also be used for doctors/physicians appointments.

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Employees may transfer up to a maximum of 60 sick leave days accumulated from an accredited private, parochial, or public school division as certified by that school division's administration. Sick leave that has been accumulated from day care centers or other non-accredited facilities may not be transferred.

Please fill out the top portion of the Transfer Sick Leave from Another District (PDF), print out and mail to your former school district's Human Resources dept. They will fill out the lower half and return to PWCS Human Resources. Once received, the employee's sick leave balance will be credited.

Short-Term Disability Leave

All permanent employees working 20 or more hours per week are eligible for short-term disability benefits.

Employees are required to cover the elimination period, the first seven calendar days (or five working days), of an illness/injury with their own sick leave, other compensated leave, or leave without pay. Short-term disability benefits are provided and paid per a schedule based on years of service with PWCS. During the time an employee is receiving short-term disability benefits, the employee may be able to supplement the short-term disability benefits with any compensated leave that an employee has available.

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