New Teacher Mentor Program

Experienced educators who are transferring to PWCS should meet with the school's Lead Mentor to be provided with proactive support while adjusting to the division. You might be matched with an informal mentor, depending on your needs.

Educators who are teaching for the first full year will be matched with school-based teacher-mentors (formal mentors), as that is a requirement from the Virginia Department of Education.

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Leadership Development

PWCS values leaders who have the skills and training to lead schools in Providing A World-Class Education that focuses on student learning and achieving high standards. In an effort to prepare our graduates to compete in the 21st-century global community, our school leaders must be knowledgeable about innovative instruction, articulate the division's mission and vision, and promote a positive school environment. PWCS leaders consistently work together to accomplish the Strategic Plan, model high expectations for teachers and students, and execute a vision so that these expectations may be realized.

In an effort to equip leaders to effectively lead staff and communities in supporting student success, PWCS developed its Leadership Academies. The academy experience provides PWCS professionals with a clear path of development and training.

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Division-wide Professional Learning Plan

The Division-wide Professional Learning Plan core service will use a needs assessment and compiled division-wide data to establish and implement required training for all instructional and classified employees in the school division. This builds background knowledge and essential skills for all employees, establishes a common language, reduces training, reduces financial redundancies. This core service aligns resources and implements the PWCS Strategic Plan with fidelity.

Instructional Coaching

The Instructional Coaching Program prepares and supports teacher leaders who guide their colleagues in data analysis, best practices, and collaboration to improve student learning. More specifically, the Instructional Coaching Program addresses:

  • Collaborative Learning Team (CLT) Function and Facilitation
  • CLT Coaching to Build Capacity of Teams
  • School-wide Professional Learning Focused on Closing Achievement Gaps
  • Modeling Best Practices for Teachers
  • Individual Coaching of Teachers
  • Support for School Improvement Plan Development, Implementation, and Monitoring

Special Professional Learning Opportunities

Cognitive Coaching, developed by Dr. Art Costa and Dr. Robert Garmston, is a model of coaching focusing on self-directedness and the development of cognitive complexity. These seminars provide a powerful research-based approach to enhancing instructional practices, building professional capital, and providing a foundation to the communication skills, which support a continuous cycle of growth, to teachers and those occupying positions of leadership. The Professional Learning staff present the Foundations of Cognitive CoachingSM during voluntary eight-day training/seminars an average of five times a year for PWCS staff.

New Principal Mentor Program

The new principal mentor program is designed to build the leadership capacity of new principals to ensure continuous student learning. The purpose is to provide continuous guidance and non-evaluative support to help ensure the success of the new principal in Prince William County Public Schools. The objective is to promote on-going reflective practice through…

  • Active listening and observing
  • Growth-producing feedback
  • Probing questions that encourage self-reflection and problem-solving
  • Encouraging and supporting action that initiates and sustains improved teaching and learning
  • Coaching, collaborating, and consulting
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Continuous Improvement Administrative Coaching

A school's continuous improvement plan helps to anchor the needs of students. They are fluid documents guided by data-based goals, strategies to be implemented by both administration and staff, and activities to help with the "how" the strategies will be done. Continuous improvement coaches work with administrative teams leading their continuous improvement groups through the gathering of information on student learning, assessing the climate and culture in the school and then implementing plans with continued progress monitoring. Through the fidelity of monitoring student success, leadership teams can help to enhance efficacy within a school community where students, staff, and parents are proud of all success.

The continuous improvement coaches support the work of the school administration and the school's continuous improvement team through collaboration of the following:

  • Regularly reflect on progress made on the continuous improvement plan;
  • Identify next steps to continue progress;
  • Review frameworks and possible revisions for monitoring data collection;
  • Review and discuss adjustments for critical initiatives;
  • Identify emphasis of all strategies and activities for instructional alignment;
  • Provide feedback to the continuous improvement team.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform, currently available as a campus subscription to central office staff. LinkedIn Learning offers professional learning to support the development of business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos.

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