Developing Leaders

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) values leaders who have the skills and training to lead schools in providing a world-class education that focuses on student learning and achieving high standards. In an effort to prepare our graduates to compete in the 21st-century global community, our school leaders must be knowledgeable about innovative instruction, articulate the division's mission and vision, and promote a positive school environment. PWCS leaders consistently work together to accomplish the Strategic Plan, model high expectations for teachers and students, and execute a vision so that these expectations may be realized. In an effort to equip leaders to effectively lead staff and communities in supporting students success, PWCS developed its Leadership Academies. The academy experience provides PWCS professionals with a clear path of development and training.

Through the leadership development program, new school-based administrators participate in a customized multi-year leadership experience designed to equip them to be effective in their new roles as continuous improvement leaders committed to pursuing the division's mission and vision.

New Administrator Institute

The New Administrator Institute is designed to welcome new leaders within PWCS. This program communicates the mission and vision of leading within PWCS and provides a just-in-time overview of critical topics to enable leaders to have a successful start in their new role. This institute is designed for the following:

Cohort 1

  • New Administrative Interns (AI)
  • New Assistant Principals (not having AI experience)

Cohort 2

New Principals
  • All Principals new to PWCS
  • All first-time Principals
Central Office Administrators (Administrative Coordinators, Supervisors, and Directors)
  • Central office staff new in their role
  • Central office staff new to PWCS

Educational Leader Induction

The required Educational Leader (EL) Induction is a professional development induction program for Principals. The program builds the knowledge and skills to become effective Principal leaders in PWCS.

  • First-year principals participate in seven full-days of professional development.
  • Second-year principals participate in four full-days of professional development.

The curriculum of the Leadership framework is aligned with the Educational Leadership Standards

  • Instructional Leadership
  • School Climate
  • Human Resource Management
  • Community and Community Relations
  • Professionalism
  • Student Academic Progress

And the Foundations of Leadership

  • Shaping a Vision of Academic Success
  • Improving Instruction
  • Cultivating Leadership in Others
  • Creating a Climate Supportive to Maximizing the Educational Environment
  • Managing People, Data, and Processes to Foster Continuous Improvement

School Advisory Council Resources

Last year, all administrators received access to the OneNote digital notebook with school advisory council resources. Various sections include:

  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Templates

Resources follow the year's planning cycle from August through June. To access the notebook, go to CO-PFLN Advisory Council, then go to the Content Library.

View OneNote information here (PDF)