Procurement Information

Doing Business with PWCS


Prince William County Public School (PWCS) Procurement is the centralized purchasing agency for all PWCS schools and departments. Procurement staff determine the best method of procurement, issue solicitations (Information for Bid and Request for Proposals), award contracts, and maintain contract files. Procurement partners with all stakeholders and directs the purchase of essential goods, services, insurance, and construction requirements to support PWCS' Vision, Mission, and Values.

PWCS is subject to the Code of Virginia (Virginia Public Procurement Act), PWCS Regulations, and any additional federal, state, local codes/regulations, or grant requirements, as applicable. This ensures procurement is conducted in a fair and impartial manner and maximizes competition.

Purchasing Authority and Thresholds

The School Board delegates authority to the Supervisor of Purchasing to enter contracts for the procurement of goods and services. The Supervisor of Purchasing delegates the authority to all Budget Holders to issue Decentralized Purchase orders (PDs) up to $15,000 ($20,000 for the Facilities Department) and make procurement (credit) card purchases up to $5,000 for the procurement of non-contract goods and services.

Single Quote

  • $0-$5,000 – Department & Schools
  • $0-$10,000 – Facilities Department
  • Amounts Must Include Shipping Charges

Three Quotes

  • $5,000.01 - $15,000 – Department & Schools
  • $10,000.01 - $20,000 – Facilities Department

Purchasing Department

  • $15,000.01 - $100,000 – Unsealed IFB/RFP (4 or more Quotes)
  • $80,000.01 – Sealed RFP for Professional Services ( As defined in the VPPA)
  • $100,000.01 – Competitive Sealed IFB/RFP

Purchase Options (How does PWCS purchase?)

  • Master Agreements (MA) – Issue Solicitation
  • Commonwealth of Virginia Contracts
  • Cooperative Contracts (Localities, National Co-ops)
  • Price Quotes

Procurement and Vendor Contracts

Delivery of Goods: Deliveries must be made to the location on each purchase order or as otherwise defined by PWCS. Ensure deliveries are accurately addressed and made during the time frame specified by the school/department. Shipping terms are FOB Destination. The vendor shall prepay all shipping charges. PWCS will not accept COD orders.

Payment: Vendors must address all invoices to the school or department indicated on each purchase order. Failure to do so may delay payment. Any payment terms requiring payment in less than 30 days will be regarded as required payment 30 days after receipt of goods and services and after receipt of a correct invoice.

PWCS does not agree to and will not sign contracts/quotes/proposals that contain:

  • Automatic Renewals
  • Indemnification Clauses
  • Certain Limited or No Liability Clauses
  • A Court Jurisdiction Outside of Virginia
  • Arbitration

Vendor Registration for Solicitations

PWCS uses  Virginia's eProcurement Portal (eVA) for issuing formal solicitations. Registering with eVA allows vendors to select commodity codes that represent the goods and/or services offered to receive notices of current bid opportunities. Once a vendor is registered in eVA, electronic notification of bid and solicitation opportunities that are relevant to the commodity code(s) selected during registration will automatically be received.

View PWCS solicitation information

Note: Please contact the eVA Customer Care for any questions or issues with the eVA system. PWCS is unable to assist.

Vendor Registration for Payments and Reply to Solicitations

Vendors receiving purchase orders and payments from Prince William County Public Schools are required to register and maintain accurate and current information on our Vendor Self-Service (VSS) website.

PWCS Vendor Self-Service (VSS) Website

Contact [email protected] for assistance with registering or other vendor account concerns. 

The VSS site will be unavailable the second full weekend of each month for scheduled system maintenance.

Vendor registration status in VSS:

  • Does not indicate that the vendor is "Approved" to do business with PWCS.
  • Does not indicate that the vendor has a Master Agreement (MA)/contract with PWCS.

Refer to Regulation: 470-1 for more information.

School Fundraisers

All fundraising vendors must be approved by PWCS.

View PWCS fundraising information 

Procurement Suggestions

  • Join/participate in National Procurement Cooperatives
  • Join/participate in public procurement organizations
  • Join/participate in professional organizations
  • Attend industry-specific conferences/forums
  • Attend vendor fairs
  • Provide vendor demonstrations
  • Seek opportunities to sponsor or speak at events
  • Review solicitation requirements and solicitation/contract terms and conditions
  • Register with SCC to do business in Virginia
  • Review the requirements outlined by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
  • View the PWCS Strategic Plan, Capital Improvement Program, and PWCS Policies and Regulations 
  • If awarded a competitively solicited contract, include language that permits other public agencies to “ride”/”piggy-back”

Vendor Visits

Procurement staff welcomes visits from vendors and their representatives. Contact procurement to schedule an appointment.