Rental Fees

Indoor Rental Rates

Room/Area Approximate Capacity Nonprofit (Per Hour) Commercial (Per Hour)
Atrium Varies $49.50 $200.00
1101 80 $38.50 $137.50
1101A* 35 $13.75 $31.25
1101B* 46 $13.75 $31.25
2002* 11 $8.00 $27.50
2004* 11 $8.00 $27.50
3011 18 $8.00 $27.50

If rental fees apply, an estimated invoice will be sent to the user prior to the event taking place. Money is due in advance of the activity. Acceptable forms of payment include personal checks, business checks, or any other form of certified funds made out to Prince William County Public Schools. Cash will not be accepted. At this time, PWCS are unable to accept credit card payments and apologize for any inconvenience. Returned checks will be subject to penalty fees to include late fees.

*Rooms are separated by a moveable divider, which can be shifted to create a single area.

Parking Lot Rental Rates

Area Nonprofit (Per Day) Commercial (Per Day)
Parking Lot - Parking Vehicles Only
(includes overflow parking requests)
No Charge No Charge
Parking Lot - All Other Activity
(example: rally, vendor fair, car show)
$27.50 $625.00

The KLC parking lot has 432 spaces available in the front lot and 234 spaces available in the rear lot. Renters are not permitted to park vehicles in the loading dock area or the smaller parking lot directly adjacent to it. Certain types of activities in the lot (e.g., overflow parking request with shuttle service), may restrict the renter to specific parking areas, such as the spaces closest to the Bristow Road entrance/exit.

Personnel Fees

Personnel Rate Per Hour Description
Custodian $35 A minimum of two custodial staff are required for weekend activities, unless otherwise determined by the custodial manager.
Catering Specialist/Staff $35 This fee will be billed separately by the Food and Nutrition Department when catering services are provided.
Security $35 The need for school security to be on-site for the event will be determined by Risk Management and Security.
Supervisor $35 Certain events involving extended use of the facility on weekends may also require one or more supervisors to be present.
Technician $42 Certain activities scheduled to take place at the KLC on Saturdays, which require adjusted lighting, modified HVAC services, etc., may also be charged for the cost of a technician.

Special Equipment Fees

Type Rate Description
Electronic Devices
(includes A/V equipment such as screen and projector combo, DVD Player, etc.)
$15 Per hour, per device. Use of some equipment may require a Technician.
Microphones, additional $10 Hourly, per microphone

Apart from tables and chairs, the following equipment is considered standard and renters will not be assessed a special fee for its use: podium with microphone.

Other Fees and Rates

Fee Type Description
Deposit Not to exceed 15% of an estimated invoice
Late Payment Fee 10% of the invoice
No Show Fee $60 plus any applicable personnel fees