Make A Change Tattoo Removal Program

Make A Change (M.A.C.) Tattoo Removal Program

The Greater Prince William Area Make A Change (M.A.C.) Tattoo Removal Program is a collaboration of the Prince William Area Gang Response Intervention Team (G.R.I.T.) and the Prince William County Bar Foundation Inc. This is a voluntary program between youth, families and/or caregivers, public human service agencies, and community-based organizations who will actively and creatively work to address the needs of at-risk youth and families in the greater Prince William area. The commitment of the program is to generate funds so that this service can be offered at no cost to the participant or taxpayers.

M.A.C. is a no-cost service to residents of the greater Prince William County area who are under the age of 30 and have demonstrated a commitment to change their life for the better by leaving the gang lifestyle and need their gang tattoos removed.

Contact the G.R.I.T. Coordinator at 703-792-5392, with any questions, to obtain the necessary forms, or to find help if needing a sponsor.


  1. Commit to disassociate from gang membership and association for at least six months before the first tattoo removal clinic.
  2. Complete 50 hours of community service before having the first tattoo removed.
  3. Applicant must be free of any new criminal charges at the time of applying to the program and while in the program.
  4. Applicant must be drug and alcohol free at the time of applying to the program and while in the program.
  5. Applicant must attend all school classes and achieving passing grades.
  6. If school requirement is accomplished, the applicant must be employed, actively seeking employment, or be engaged in job training.
  7. If the applicant is on probation or parole, the applicant must comply with all the rules of probation or parole while in the program.

Referral Process

  1. Those under the age of 18 must have a responsible adult sponsor who will be willing to stand behind the youth and provide morale encouragement and direction.
  2. The applicant's case manager or sponsor submits the completed Program Application Form (Part A & B), Youth Participation Agreement, Exchange/Release Forms, and any pertinent case history service plans to the G.R.I.T. Coordinator. G.R.I.T. Coordinator - Phone: 703-792-5392, Fax: 703-792-4786.
  3. The G.R.I.T. Coordinator presents the forms and the applicant's case at the next scheduled meeting of the M.A.C. interagency committee for consideration.
  4. Once accepted, and after showing proof of completing the 50 hours of community service, the applicant may begin treatment, if medically cleared by the volunteer doctors.