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PWCS is considering the addition of advanced security screening technology in our schools as early as the 2023-24 school year.

Attend one of the upcoming safety and security community meetings to engage in the ongoing discussions about the school division's comprehensive approach to “deter, detect, and defend,” including the use of new preventative technology.

Meetings will begin at 7 p.m. as follows:

  • Wednesday, February 22 - Gainesville High School (13150 University Blvd., Gainesville, VA 20155)
  • Monday, February 27 - Freedom High School (15201 Neabsco Mills Rd., Woodbridge, VA 22191)
  • Tuesday, February 28 - Woodbridge High School (3001 Old Bridge Rd., Woodbridge, VA 22192)
  • March 2 - Zoom Webinar - Watch a recording of the webinar

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Current advances in security screening technology allow for non-evasive weapon detection and can accommodate a high volume of individuals.

Evolv Express®

Evolv Screener Sample ImageEvolv Express® is a crowd screening system that keeps high volume entrances flowing by reliably detecting guns and metallic IEDs as visitors walk through at a natural pace. It utilizes the same frequency range as the electronic theft prevention devices that have been widely deployed in thousands of stores with tens of thousands of people walking through them daily.

Evolv Express® is not a metal detector. Evolv Express is an advanced weapons detection system. Evolv Express uses artificial intelligence and sensor technology to instantly distinguish a phone or personal item from a potential weapon or component of a weapon. Unlike a metal detector, Evolv Express is not looking for metal, but rather, for weapons and parts of weapons only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does the system work?

Evolv Express uses artificial intelligence and sensors to instantly distinguish between weapons and everyday items allowing students, teachers, and staff to move through security at the pace of life without having to be stopped and searched each time.

The system consists of two towers that students and staff pass through upon entry into the school. If the towers turn green, no threat has been detected and the individual passes through without stopping. A designated staff member will be holding an Evolv mobile tablet that processes the screening to instantly identify if a potential threat has been detected.

If the system identifies a potential threat, the tower will alert with a red light and sound, and a red box will appear on the tablet indicating precisely where a potential threat is on a person. That individual can then undergo secondary screening and additional assistance can be called upon if needed.

What happens if the alarm on the system sounds?
The professionals your school has selected to manage the systems will work with Evolv and other security partners to train on how to use the system. They will have protocols in place that they follow, which are unique for each location. In most cases, the individual who sets the alarm off will go to a secondary screening location where the security team will check out the area that was pinpointed on the screen - for example, a backpack. Tablets have a “Help” button on the top right-hand corner which can be accessed to instantly alert others for support during a potential incident or issue.
Is the Evolv Express System Safe?

Evolv is dedicated to safety, quality, and consistency of our products. The Evolv Express system has been safety tested and meets the following certifications:

  • FCC CFR Part 15, CE Mark (CE Directives and Standards) Global CB Scheme per CBTL Safety Standard
  • UL 61010, EN61010, IEC 61010 and CAN/CSA 61010-1
  • US Americas with Disabilities Act Compliance Compliant Access
  • RoHS – Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances (e.g., lead) in Electrical/ Electronics Equipment.
Is the Evolv Express system safe for people with an implanted or wearable medical device?
In keeping with FDA guidance on EAS and walk-through metal detectors, it is recommended that visitors and system operators with implantable or wearable medical devices consult their device manufacturer or physician for information relating to their own specific device. An alternative screening approach is recommended for anyone who has safety concerns.
Are these systems safe for long-term exposure? (e.g., for children walking through daily or personnel staffing the system?

The Evolv Express uses extremely low frequency radio waves (ELF) - a non-ionizing sensing modality - in compliance with IEEE’s 2019 guidance for safe operation with the general public, which applies to regular/occupational as well as infrequent exposure. For more health and safety information, read the Evolv Health & Safety document.

Where else is this technology being used?

Evolv Express is being used in venues around the country, including public events, schools, hospitals, theme parks, stadiums, performing arts centers, casinos, houses of worship, and workplaces. Six Flags, Lincoln Center, Georgia Aquarium, and Gillette Stadium are just some of the notable organizations partnering with Evolv to create weapons-free zones. The security professionals in charge of these venues test technologies, protocols, and people, consult with peers and long-time testing institutions, and partner with law enforcement to mitigate as much risk as possible to keep people safe and we are proud to be their weapons screening partner.

Does Evolv use facial recognition?

No. Our technology does not use facial recognition. The combination of sensors and artificial intelligence is focused on distinguishing a weapon from personal items. If the system detects a potential threat, it alarms, and that threat is examined. If the system does not detect a potential threat, it will not alarm, and the individual walks right through. The system evaluates the items passing through, not the people, to determine if there may be a threat.

What kind of data does Evolv collect and how does it use that data?
The data that is generated by our system is statistical data such as the number of people passing through. We do not collect any personal identifying information. Many of our customers use the data to better understand student ingress. For example, if they notice one entrance is busier at a certain time of day, they might re-direct traffic and resources to another entrance to help improve the flow.