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Post-High School Planning

Four-Year College or University

These institutions can either be public (state funded) or private (not state funded), offering academic instruction within a typical school setting.

  • Universities typically offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees within a variety of program offerings. These are typically sizable campuses with diverse
  • Colleges typically feature a smaller student population, more intimate campuses, and fewer program offerings. Colleges typically include private institutions and community, vocational, and technical specializations.

Types of Colleges:

College Tours & High School Visits

  • Review “college visits” in Naviance to learn when college representatives are coming to your school.
  • Ask about student life, majors, honors programs, and study abroad opportunities.
  • Do internships or research opportunities exist for undergraduate students?
  • What percentage of students are employed in the field they chose to study?
  • How many students graduate with debt?

College Admission Process:

Before you submit:

After you submit:

  • Financial Aid Award Packages Review
  • Continue searching for scholarships

Community College

Community colleges, sometimes referred to as junior colleges, are two-year degree earning institutions that also offer certificates in specialized fields. Community colleges offer the first two years (freshman & sophomore) college years for students to then graduate with their associates degree and/or continue to a four-year college completing the remainder of their degree (junior & senior years). Community college offers an affordable pathway to degree earning opportunities including guaranteed admissions to VA state colleges.

Virginia's Community Colleges

Northern Virginia Community College is a public community college that has six campuses and four centers in Northern Virginia. It is the second largest multi-campus community college in the United States and the largest educational institution in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Richard Bland Community College is a public junior college associated with the College of William and Mary and located in Prince George County, Virginia.


College & Career Counselors

College Entrance Testing

College & Scholarship Transcript Requests

Financial Aid


College-Bound Student Athlete

First-Generation College Student

First-Generation College Student

Being a first-generation student means that your parents did not complete a four-year college degree regardless of other family members' level of education. Some colleges use a different definition, so be sure to ask your admission counselor to learn more. If your parents completed a four-year college degree at an international university, contact admissions to inquire what your status may be to learn more.

College Disability Services

College Disability Services

The transition to college for students with disabilities to postsecondary education steps and resources are critical. The student must initiate the accommodation process at the college level.


Applying to College Abroad

Applying to College Abroad

Attending a college abroad is when a student chooses to live in a country other than their country of origin. The student moves to that country for the purpose of attending college. Deadlines, fees, and restrictions differ among countries along with the application process and application platforms. Abroad countries may have limits to the number of colleges you are allowed to apply. Be sure to review the testing guidelines, application requirements, and choose your major prior to applying. Finally, documentation is needed; this often includes a visa, passport, letter of admission, proof of language proficiency, and proof of financial support for living in the associated country.

Immigrant Student Resources

Immigrant Student Resources

An immigrant student is someone who’s country of origin is not where they currently live.