Post-High School Planning

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Post-High School Planning

Post-high school planning is a process that includes partnerships between the school, community, family, and student to create a meaningful individualized plan which aligns with the student's goals. This reflects their self-discovery, career explorations, and the associated education or training needed after high school.

Reflect on Your Story

Educational experience:Pentagon Pictograph featuring five elements connected together—school and work, health, friends, fun, and family.

  • What made my learning experience successful?
  • What subjects/topics were most interesting to me?
  • What makes an environment comfortable for me?

Review self-discovery results in Naviance.

Review academic course history on your transcript and in Naviance Course Planner

  • What sticks out to you most?
  • How does your story inform and add context to your educational experience?

What is your story?

  • Write it, draw it, sing it, dance it.
  • How does it continue from here? What are you curious about? How do you want to impact, contribute, change the world?


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