Prince William County Schools Graduation Requirements

The Virginia Board of Education sets forth requirements for students associated with the year the student entered 9th grade for the first time. The diploma options available to students can be found, organized by the year the student entered 9th grade for the first time, in the 2021-22 High School Course Catalog under Graduation Requirements and Diploma Options.

Please follow this link for translated copies of the course catalog in Arabic, Español, Korean, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

A standard unit of credit is earned when a student passes the course that he/she is taking. A verified unit of credit is earned when:

  1. The course is passed in which a Standards of Learning (SOL) test is administered; and
  2. The end-of-course SOL test is passed. Students entering a Virginia public school after the beginning of 10th grade have reduced SOL requirements.

*Students who have an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or 504 plan may be eligible to pursue a Standard Diploma with credit accommodations. Students who have an IEP may also pursue the Applied Studies Diploma. Talk to your student’s case manager or school counselor for more information about diploma options for students with disabilities.

Please be aware that according to Prince William County Public Schools Regulation 662-1B, “Diplomas and Graduation,” a student must complete all requirements for graduation prior to participation in the graduation ceremony to include, but not limited to, earning the required number of standard and verified units of credit based on diploma type. You may contact your student’s school counselor at any time during the school year if you have additional questions regarding standard or verified units of credit or other graduation requirements.

Special Notes for the 2020-21 School Year

For those students graduating in 2021 (June or August), the Virginia Department of Education has waived the following graduation requirements due to our modified learning environment:

  1. CPR/First Aid/AED Training requirement;
  2. CTE Credential Requirement;
  3. Maximum number of locally awarded verified credits for each diploma type is waived for those who will graduate in 2021 who were enrolled in a course that was eligible for verified credit in the spring or summer of 2020 or who earned a standard credit prior to the spring 2020 and were seeking one verified credit and were scheduled to take the SOL end-of-course test in the spring 2020 after previously failing and who participated in remediation to prepare them to retake the SOL end-of-course test; and
  4. Student selected verified credit is waived only for those students who intended to use the CTE credential to meet this requirement and met the criteria to be a CTE completer prior to fall of 2020.

Other Graduation Information for Students and Parents

Visit our Academic Advising webpage for more resources on the high school course selection process, career planning guides, and four-year planning guides.

The College and Career Planning webpage will provide information on:

  • Career Planning
  • College Entrance Testing
  • College-Bound Student-Athlete
  • College-Bound?
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Military Service
  • Naviance Student

NCAA Eligibility - Any student who plans to pursue sports at the college level should refer to the NCAA website for information about required high school course work

Information provided in the 2021-22 High School Course Catalog