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Healthy Communities• Healthy Youth is a Search Institute initiative developed to motivate and equip individuals, organizations and leaders to unite for the purposes of nurturing competent, caring and responsible youth. The Search Institute identified forty positive experiences and qualities that parents, educators and youth-serving agencies can bring into the lives of youth from all types of communities. These 40 Developmental Assets® are grouped within four external categories-support, empowerment, boundaries and expectations and constructive use of time; and four internal categories-commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies and positive identity.

These experiences and qualities serve as a framework that is used to energize youth-serving organizations and radically change the traditional problem centered approach to working with youth to a strength based approach. The HC•HY framework is built on the following key principals:

  • Emphasizing strengths as opposed to problems and risks
  • Engagement with youth
  • Building relationships as well as programs
  • Empowering youth
  • Involving all adults and youth, not just parents and professionals
  • Long term change process rather than a quick “fix”
  • Inter-generational emphasis-youth working with adults; youth working with younger children

HCHY participants


Healthy Communities Healthy Youth (HCHY) Students L.E.A.D. Team recently enjoyed an afternoon of team building with challenge by choice low impact “reindeer” games. Mrs. Kate Schell-Smith from New Horizons joined the group and led the activities following a brief update meeting. Participants and their school sponsors enjoyed refreshments, photo opportunities, and fun networking activities before the upcoming holiday break.

The New Year will be busy for the team. HCHY Students L.E.A.D. Team will finalize their Give-Back project planning in January. Late January and February will find the students involved in Code of Behavior Revisions and preparation for upcoming speaking engagements.