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Kindness Matters

Prince William County is partnering with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week – “Make Kindness the Norm.” During the week of February 11–17, families and students are encouraged to join our schools in promoting random acts of kindness at school, home, and work. Research behind The Science of Kindness has shown that by participating in acts of kindness, one can feel an increased sense of well-being, belonging, and an overall decrease in stress. Teaching children to act in kind ways has proven to improve self-esteem, increase peer acceptance, and concentration. Schools are invited to collaborate with their schools' Social Emotional Learning (SEL) coaches on how to incorporate kindness week into classrooms and throughout the school building.

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What does Social Emotional Learning (SEL) have to do with kindness?

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Reading. Writing. Arithmetic. They're the keys to the success of our kids, right? But what about the skills that will help when things get tough? Kindness Framework paradigm showing kindness skills can be taught through a five step framework--share, inspire, empower, act, and reflect What about the ability to communicate your feelings and needs? To really listen to others? To keep your emotions in check, and understand other points of view that you may not agree with? To empathize with people who are different?...

...According to a CASEL (the Collaborative for Academic and Social and Emotional Learning) study, 93% of teachers believe it's important to teach SEL-and 95% of them believe it can be taught. Their confidence was well founded-because they found that teachers who included SEL programs in their instruction saw an 11-17% increase in the academic scores of their students.

Read more about how Kindness in the Classroom lessons teach kindness skills through a step-by step framework of Share, Inspire, Empower, Act, and Reflect .

How You Treat People is Who You Are!
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Kindness Can Be the Norm
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Kindness Ideas

Kindness Ideas

The Great Kindness Challenge

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