Military Families: Planning Your Arrival to PWCS

General Registration Requirements

Students new to PWCS will complete the registration process at the appropriate level school which serves their home address unless a student transfer request has been approved for individual student needs per Regulation 721-1, "School Attendance Areas." For additional information and to view the documentation required for registration, please view Regulation 711-1.

Registration for Incoming Military Families

Important note: For incoming military personnel not living in Prince William County but who intend to move into Prince William County within 120 days, Virginia law (Code of Virginia § 22.1-3) allows for enrollment in the school division of the child's intended residence if documentation is provided, at the time of enrollment, of military orders of the service member parent or an official letter from the service member's command indicating such relocation. The following is required:

  • Documentation indicating a permanent address within the school division, such as a deed, signed lease, or ratified sales contract, shall be provided to the school division within 120 days of a child's enrollment or tuition may be charged, including tuition for the days since the child's enrollment in school.
  • The assignment of the school such child will attend shall be determined by the local school division.
  • Transportation must be provided by the parent.

Kindergarten Registration

A child who is five years old on or before September 30 will be allowed to enroll in kindergarten in PWCS.

Important note: The children of active duty military parents who move to Virginia have provisions covered under the Interstate Military Compact. This provision of the Interstate Compact applies only to students of active duty military families transferring into Virginia from an out-of-state Local Education Agency (LEA). The children of active duty military parents will be enrolled in kindergarten even when the child has not started school, but the child would be attending kindergarten in an out-of-state LEA, if the military family relocation had not taken place.

For more on these provisions and general kindergarten registration information, view Regulation 723-1.

The following documents provide general guidance and information related to military-connected students.

Guidance for Enrollment in Kindergarten for Military Children

Absences as Related to Deployment

Please note that PCS related absences are not covered under the Interstate Military Compact. Students should be registered and enrolled in school immediately upon relocation.

Per the Interstate Compact, a student whose parent or legal guardian has been called to duty for, is on leave from, or immediately returned from deployment shall be granted additional excused absences at the discretion of the principal. A variety of factors will be considered when making a decision about the requested amount of excused absences (i.e., during a state testing window).