All immunizations are now due for the 2022-23 SY  

Required school vaccine requirements with drawing of a syringe

Students who remain non-compliant with their immunization will not return to school on December 15, 2022 . Parents/guardians may view information about student compliance with required immunizations in ParentVUE. If you do not have a ParentVUE account, please contact your school to assist you with setting up an account or if you have specific questions about non-compliant immunizations, reach out to your school.   

If your student is non-compliant with immunizations, schedule an appointment with your health care provider or with the Prince William Health District or with an urgent care or with your local pharmacy for your child to receive the missing immunization(s). Once completed, provide documentation to your student’s school indicating that your student has received the immunization(s). Please write your student’s full name and student ID number on the documentation. You can email the immunization(s) information directly to your school nurse (contact your child’s school for the appropriate contact) or deliver a paper copy of the immunization(s) information to your student’s school. If your health care provider or the health district indicates your student cannot receive the immunization(s), please provide the school with a statement for medical exemption from the health care provider.  

If a student fails to comply with providing the completed proof of the required immunization(s) by December 14, 2022 , the student will be excluded from returning to school on December 15, 2022 and will remain excluded until the required immunization documentation has been provided to the school.

The Virginia Department of Health provides a current list of school and day care minimum immunization requirements.

We look forward to receiving the paperwork on this required immunization, prior to December 14, 2022.