Transfer Request Procedures for Grades 9-12

Grades 9-12 Student Transfer Request Procedures

(All PDF documents should be downloaded and saved to your computer and opened in the Adobe PDF program. This will enable you to use the "fill & sign" feature to complete the transfer form.)

Step 1

Parents/Guardian must read Regulation 721-2, Student Transfers - High School, prior to requesting a student transfer.

Step 2

Parent/Guardian must complete the Student Transfer Request Form Attachment I (PDF) by specified deadlines. Please make sure to include an email address on this form. Parents must retain a copy for their personal records.

Step 3

Parent/Guardian must attach Student Transfer Request Addendum Attachment II only if the reason for the student transfer request is for extenuating circumstances.

Step 4

Parent/Guardian submits the completed Student Transfer Request Form and any additional attachments, if required, to the student's base/zoned school for electronic processing. Click below to locate the school email address to which you should send the form. If you cannot submit the form via email, please navigate to the webpage of your student's base/zoned school to determine the mailing address to which the form should be sent. It is preferred that forms be sent via email, if possible.

High School 9-12

Step 5

The base school principal signs the Student Transfer Request form and sends it to the principal of the requested school.

Step 6

The requested school principal reviews the Student Transfer Request documents and makes a decision about accepting or denying the transfer.

Step 7

The requested school principal sends information about their decision to the email address listed on the Student Transfer Request form. If no email address is listed, notifications may be made by US mail or phone call.

Step 8

If the transfer is denied, the parent/guardian may choose to appeal the decision. Navigate back to the main transfer page for information about transfer appeals.