Rhithm App for Classroom Well-Being

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Student & Family Introduction to Rhithm

Our district is excited to announce the use of the Rhithm app as a part of our commitment to supporting whole child development. Rhithm will help us better understand each student’s learning readiness and respond to social and emotional needs.

What is the Rhithm App?

The Rhithm app is a daily check-in tool that provides responsive support for students in just 3-5 minutes. Students respond to five questions around Mental, Energy, Emotional, Physical, and Social wellness, then engage in brief well-being related activities that are tailored to student needs, build social-emotional skills, and help students get ready to learn.

How Can I Access the Rhithm App?

Rhithm uses Clever for easy student access whether at school or at home. In addition to classroom use, students can access the Rhithm activities during evenings and weekends.

Step 1: Open the Clever app

Step 2: Log in with student credentials or badge

Step 3: Once signed in, click on the Rhithm icon:

Rhithm icon

What is the Rhithm Privacy Policy?

Rhithm does not share student data with anyone, including marketers. Rhithm has strict internal data governance policies and hosts data on private, compliant under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), and dedicated servers with the highest security levels. The app, along with all Rhithm business policies, are structured to be compliant under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). View Privacy Policy.

How Can I Learn More About Rhithm?

  • View this parent video for more information: English, Spanish
  • Additional information and access to the activities can be found on the Rhithm website.

Participating Schools

Parents/Guardians of students who attend one of the Rhithm pilot schools received an introduction letter from their school’s principal. The pilot program is set to begin on or after September 30, 2023. If you need more information please reach out to your student’s school directly.

In the coming months parents/guardians will be asked to participate in a brief survey on their experience and their student’s experience using Rhithm. We look forward to continuing to partner with our parents/guardians.

Complete the provided opt-out form only if the parent/guardian DOES NOT want the student to engage in the Rhithm App tool being used at the student's participating school. Once the opt-out form is completed, please email or print/deliver to your student's school counselor or teacher.

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