PWCS Tutor List

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Last Name First Name Phone Teaching Location Locations Served Disability Served (LD, ED, ADHD, Etc) or English Learners (EL) Grade Levels Subject Area Time (AS-after school, EV-evenings, WK-weekends, SM-summer) Place (S-student home, T-tutor home, L-library, V-virtual)
Bryant-Kline Loretta 571-315-0644 Gar-Field HS All All K-12 Electives and Core Subjects All S, L
Crosby Michelle 571-245-8347 Parkside MS All ADHD, LD 5-8 Math AS, EV S, L, V
Fisher Jennifer 703-895-6460 Graham Park MS, Saunders MS Hoadly Road/Eastern PWC ADHD, LD 5-12 5th grade Math - Pre Calculus Math AS, EV, SM T, V
Fitzgerald Princess 703-991-3481 Hampton MS All LD, ED, ADHD 4-8 Math, Algebra I AS, EV, SM V
Kemp Christine 571-277-6940 Bull Run MS Northern Virginia LD, ADHD 7-12 Language Arts All V
Kennedy Meagan 571-665-9110 Gar-Field HS Eastern PWC ADHD, EL K-9 Reading, Writing, Language Arts, MS Math, ES Math, Spanish All S, L
Korgan Bethany 571-283-1749 Woodbridge HS All All 6-12 Spanish I-IV All V
Laing Mandy 703-946-9044 Brentsville HS Western PWC 7-12 MS Math, Alg I, Geom, Alg II, Pre-AP Geometry, IGCSE Geometry All Varies
Margheim Bonnie 540-379-7617 Colgan HS LD, ADHD 9-12 Algebra I/II, Geometry, Probability/ Statistics, AP Stats AS, EV, SM L
Rodgers Brian 703-973-8716 Sudley ES ALL All K-8 All All All
Sanghavi Shruti 703-863-7913 Independence NonTraditional Eastern PWC LD, EL 8-12 Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry AS, WK, SM, some EV L, V
Shulsky Anthony 571-991-4365 Forest Park HS All areas All 9-12 Chemistry All V