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Dear Parent/Guardian:

Welcome to Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS), a diverse school community where more than 149 languages are spoken. Family and community engagement is a key commitment in our four-year Strategic Plan, and it is essential to ensure we work collaboratively to make a positive difference in your child's education and future. As your partner in education, we are available to assist with any interpretation and translation services you may need.

All school materials are in English; however, key documents and essential communications are translated into our community's most requested languages. PWCS also provides professional interpreters and translators to help multilingual families understand documents with essential information. This includes student and parent rights, responsibilities, expectations, and other school-related matters including benefits and services available to students.

Interpreters can also support with translation services for parent/teacher conferences regarding student matters at no cost to families.

You may use any of these methods when you need specific help:

  • Online-go to PWCS.edu and select either "Auto Translate" or "PWCS Translations" at the top left of the page. Computerized translations can be imperfect but still have valuable links to school information. If you do not have a computer, please reach out to your student's school.
  • In-Person-visit your child's school or one of our Global Welcome Centers. Call the Manassas Center at 571-402-3800 or the Woodbridge Center at 571-374-6813. If a speaker of your language is not available in person, an employee will use a language translations poster to determine your language needs and assist you with gaining interpretation services.

PWCS Interpretation and Translation in Any Language Poster

When contacting your school, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Your name and the name of your child;
  • Your child's school, grade level, and teacher's name;
  • The individual (by name or job) you want to speak with, and the subject of the discussion; and
  • The telephone number and time at which you can best be reached.

If your child brings home a message from school requesting a meeting, or if you wish to arrange a discussion with a teacher or other school official, please use the methods above to request assistance with interpretation services. Our offices will contact you as quickly as possible. I look forward to working together to ensure the success of your student(s)!


LaTanya D. McDade, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools