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    School Board Meeting June 15, 2016

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    The School Board Voted to Approve:
    • September 8 as International Literacy Day;
    • September 11‒16 as Arts in Education Week;
    • October 16‒22 as National Chemistry Week;
    • October 9‒15 as National Earth Science Week;
    • Authorization to the Superintendent and supervisor of Purchasing to award summer contracts to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder(s) and approve change orders from June 18 through September 7;
    • The contract for HVAC air filters to Air Filters, Inc.;
    • The contract to V.F. Pavone Construction for construction of the "Alternative Education School" located on the Independent Hill Complex;
    • The contract to Hammerhead Construction of Virginia, Inc., for the remodel of buildings 11, 12, and 15 at the Independent Hill Complex to facilitate the housing of Head Start/Child Find;
    • The easement to Dominion Power at Bennett Elementary School;
    • The Chairman to sign the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Federal Application;
    • The FY 2016 encumbrances and unencumbered balances, and to increase the FY 2017 fund budgets by these amounts. These amounts will be provided to the School Board as soon as possible after June 30;
    • The 2017 State Technology Grant - Intent to Reimburse. These funds are included in the FY 2017 school budget;
    • A waterline easement to PWC Service Authority at Bull Run Middle School;
    • The annual tuition rates and fees for FY 2017;
    • The payrolls for May;
    • The School Board meeting minutes for June 1;
    • The following appointments to the Career and Technical Education Advisory Council for a two-year term: Mr. Larry F. Weeks (Coles District); Mr. Victor Gaither (Gainesville District); and Ms. Tracy Conroy (Brentsville District);
    • The appointment of Mr. Justin Caron (Occoquan District) to the SEAC; and
    • The proposed Charter for the Infrastructure Task Force and the nominations to the Task Force.

    The School Board Voted to:

    • Withdraw the School Board poll of June 6 concerning employee T16-44;
    • Reject the proposal for establishment of a Site-Based Management Procurement/Review Committee; and
    • Reject the proposal to adopt the alternative "Price Hybrid" design for the 13th high school. The decision means school planning will proceed using the previously approved Battlefield High School design.

    Citizens' Comment Time:
    Citizens addressed the School Board on the following topics:

    • Bull Run Middle School students' civics club project;
    • The 13th high school;
    • Act of kindness clubs;
    • Teacher workdays;
    • Peyton's Project, anti-bullying organization; and
    • Support for principal at Patriot High School.

    Presentations on the Following Topics:

    • Update on the fourth quarter budget for 2016;
    • Possible Site-Based Management Procurement/Review Committee;
    • The alternative design for the 13th high school (see decision above); and
    • Policy 137, "Polling of the Prince William County School Board." (No action is required on first reading.)

    Superintendents' Time:

    Dr. Steven L. Walts, Superintendent of Schools, made the following comments:

    • Latin students brought home 26 awards at the Virginia Junior Classical League and the National Latin Exam.
    • Hylton High School student Colin Bushweller earned a gold medal in the National Russian Essay Contest and a silver medal in the International Russian Essay Contest. Two other students from Hylton won bronze medals, one earned a silver, and seven received Honorable Mention awards at the national level.
    • Battlefield High School's Amanda Kraemer won First Place in Archery at the Virginia State Tournament.
    • Hylton High School's Fox Semones was selected as the 6A South Region Baseball Player of the Year.
    • In Outdoor Track and Field, state champions include Osbourn Park High School's Sydney Banks in the High Jump; Emily Harrison from Battlefield High School in the Pole Vault; Patriot High School's Rachel McArthur in the 800-meter run; and Harrison Shotwell from Forest Park High School in the Boys Pole Vault.
    • Battlefield High School's Girls Soccer Team won their third straight state championship.
    • Osbourn Park High School won the state softball title.
    • Hylton and Battlefield High Schools won the regional championship for baseball in each of their respective regions.
    • The summer reading list is posted on school websites and in all Prince William County libraries.
    • Dr. Walts attended the School of Excellence celebration at Springwoods Elementary School and the Benton Middle School's year-end concert. He congratulated all of the Prince William County Public School graduates.
    • Dr. Walts stated that he was grateful to the School Board, employees, parents and guardians, and, of course, our students for all their support this year. Thanks as well to our elected officials, business partners, and the community for supporting Prince William County Public Schools. I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer and look forward to our students returning on August 29 with our staff for the start of another great school year.

    Please see the School Division website for details on the above achievements.

    Board Matters:

    Brentsville District School Board Member Mr. Gil Trenum announced that his reserve military status has been activated and he will shortly be deployed to Africa. The law provides for elected officials to maintain their offices during deployments. Details on specific arrangements during Mr. Trenum's service are not yet determined.

    Volume 11, Number 19 - Publication date: June 16, 2016

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    School Board Meeting Information

    School Board meetings are held in the School Board Meeting Room at 14715 Bristow Road, Manassas. Citizens who wish to address the School Board under Citizens' Comment Time may notify the Board Clerk in writing, by phone, or by email prior to noon on the day of the meeting. Please include your address, phone number, and topic of discussion. Your contact information will not be shared with the public. Clerk to the School Board, P.O. Box 389, Manassas, VA 20108, Phone: 703-791-8709 - Email:

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