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  • September 19, 2018

    • Revision of Policy 114, "Conflict of Interest," and deletion of regulation 114-1, "Conflict of Interest";
    • Revision of Policy 115, "Compensation and Reimbursement of School Board Members," and Deletion of Policy 115.01, "Compensation (Reimbursement for Expenses)," Regulation 115-1, "Compensation," and deletion of Policy 122.01, "Prince William County School Board Chairman, Election/Compensation";
    • Adoption of Policy 116, "Vacancies on the School Board," and deletion of Policy 125, "Vacancies";
    • Adoption of Policy 122, "Authority and Responsibilities of Chairman At-Large, Vice Chairman and Other Members of the School Board," and deletion of Policy 122.02, "Authority and Responsibility of Chairman and Vice Chairman"; and
    • Adoption of Policy 123, "Duties of the Clerk and Deputy Clerk," and deletion of Policies 123.01, "Clerk, Deputy Clerk, Superintendent's Designee, and 123.02, Clerk and Deputy Clerk Duties," and Regulation 123.02-1, "Clerk and Deputy Clerks". View the current policy with proposed changes.