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  • February 3, 2021

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    School Board Meeting of February 3, 2021

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    The School Board Approved:

    Citizens Addressed the School Board on the Following Topics:

    • Return to Learn plan
    • Vaccinations
    • Black History Month

    Student Matters:

    • Code Red
    • Vaccinations
    • Visit to Signal Hall Elementary School
    • High school start times returning to normal
    • Prom
    • Update on the Student Senate

    Staff Presentation Topics:

    Superintendent's Time:

    • I appreciate the opportunity to update the School Board, staff members, parents, students, and community members on the important work occurring during this pandemic.
    • During the pandemic, we continue our important efforts to ensure that equity is embedded in all of the work that we do. As I share the proposed Fiscal Year 2022 budget, you will see several examples of the commitment to this work.
    • Our employees are continually receiving praise during the pandemic. I recently received a letter from the Division Superintendent for Lee County Public Schools, who wrote to share his appreciation for our Transportation Services. Lee County Public Schools purchased five of our older school buses, and the superintendent shared with me how impressed his mechanics' assessment of how well our buses had been cared for by Prince William County Public Schools. He said, "Both mechanics and I were more than impressed with the level of care, service, and overall maintenance records that we have found." I want to publicly recognize John Wallingford, associate superintendent for Finance and Risk Management; Al Ciarochi, associate superintendent for Support Services; Shirley Posey, director of Transportation Services; and David Walton, supervisor of Vehicle Services, for their great care of our fleet of school buses, which carries our most important cargo.
    • January 24-30 was Virginia School Principals Appreciation Week and I know many of our schools and school communities recognized our principals last week with cards, letters, and other meaningful gifts. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the rock star efforts of our principals during this very difficult time. They are truly navigating in uncharted waters, with information and expectations continually changing. I am extremely grateful for their efforts and support during the pandemic.
    • This week is National School Counseling Week. As we all try to survive this difficult pandemic, it is increasingly evident how important it is to support the mental health of our students and staff. I appreciate each and every one of our school counselors and the efforts they make every day to help our students.
    • As you know, even during the pandemic, PWCS recognized the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. through the participation of our students virtually in the Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Oratorical Competition. As we begin the month of February, we will continue to honor him and many others as we recognize Black History Month.
    • Although we cannot recognize resolutions during Board meetings like we could in the past, due to restrictions associated with the pandemic, there couldn't be a stronger correlation to February as Rare Disease Month as we work to overcome COVID-19 and a global pandemic.
    • I would also like to recognize all of our employees who worked very hard, during a pandemic, to prepare our schools and other facilities, more than 100 locations, for a return to our buildings today after a major snowstorm that we have not experienced in at least two years. Our transportation services staff members cleaned the buses and our custodians helped shovel sidewalks. And thank you to the many Facilities Services employees who worked hard plowing and treating our driveways and parking lots.
    • February is School Board Appreciation Month. I cannot think of a more difficult time to be a School Board member than during a pandemic. Because of the pandemic, our recognition efforts are tampered slightly, but I want to share with you that we have a special appreciation presentation planned for our Board members during our February 17th meeting, so stay tuned.
    • Thank you and stay safe and healthy.