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    School Board Meeting of May 4, 2022

    View the agenda on the Electronic School Board webpage.
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    Launching Thriving Futures Focus:

    The School Board recognized the School Board student representatives and alternate, state swimming champion and coach from Brentsville High School, Principal of the Year from Henderson Elementary School, and Independence Nontraditional School as the first school to be designated an Exemplary Practices Model from the National Alternative Education Association.

    The School Board Approved:

    • The Agreement for Use of PWCS Buses (PDF) by Prince William County between the Prince William County School Board and Prince William County. Further, the Chairman At-Large and Clerk are authorized to sign any necessary documents pertaining to the agreement, subject to the approval as to form only by the Division Counsel;
    • The change order to contract R-DJ-21607 to Carlson Brothers, Inc., for the Gainesville Middle School Addition In the amount of $325,156.47;
    • The award of a contract for the procurement for replacement of curtain walls at Gar-Field and Woodbridge High Schools to the lowest responsive and response bidder (PDF), Alta Vista Consultants, for the base bid amount of $834,281.00;
    • The award of contracts for painting services to the lowest responsive and responsible bidders (PDF), Primary Ventures, Inc. and The Carpentry and Painting Experts, Inc.;
    • The resolution (PDF) allowing the Facilities Department to begin construction of projects associated with the sale of Virginia Public School Authority (VPSA) 2022 series bonds;
    • The 2022-23 Local Special Education Annual Plan (PDF);
    • Recognizing May 2022 as " Mental Health Awareness Month (PDF);
    • The Head Start Preschool Program Enrollment Criteria (PDF) for the 2022-23 school year;
    • The payrolls for March 2022 in the amount of $68,470,107.19 as shown on the recapitulation sheet (PDF);
    • The April 20, 2022 School Board Disciplinary Hearing Minutes (PDF);
    • The April 20, 2022 School Board Meeting Minutes (PDF).

    Citizens addressed the School Board on the following topics:

    • 16.01 Revisions to the 2022-23 "Code of Behavior"
    • Collective Bargaining
    • Substitute Training
    • Support for educators
    • School library

    Staff Presentations:

    Student Representative Matters:

    • Start Time Survey
    • May 2022 is Mental Health Awareness Month
    • Teacher Appreciation Week
    • Mental Health Presentations / Projects

    Superintendent's Time:

    • Good evening. The first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week as we all have acknowledged thus far, and across the Division, our students, parents, and school communities are showing their appreciation for our incredible educators in a variety of ways. There is not a professional anywhere who deserves appreciation more than our teachers. I am lucky enough to have had many teachers who genuinely cared about me and even changed the course of my life. I want all our teachers to know that you are heroes for our children. And I want to encourage our students and our school communities to reach out to a teacher who has impacted your life and make sure you celebrate them this week. It means a lot.
    • And speaking of our outstanding educators. The nominations are in for this year's Teacher of the Year and Principal of the Year. These individuals were nominated by members of their school community for their excellence. You
      can read the names of all nominees for Teacher of the Year and Principal of the Year at and finalists will be honored at a ceremony on May 24.
    • May 1 was Decision Day, and I know that this week is a special time for our seniors as they share what their next steps are after graduation. I have seen many posts and announcements from members of the Class of 2022, and I am excited and celebrating along with them. We have students heading to colleges and universities across the country and across the world; some of our upcoming graduates have committed to military service, and many will be entering the workforce. To our seniors, I wish you enormous success in your next chapter.
    • PWCS will recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of graduating seniors who have obtained full-time employment or committed to military service at the upcoming 2022 PWCS Signing Day on May 25 right here at the KLC. All families of high school seniors have received information on how to register for that event.
    • Last week the Board of County Supervisors passed the 2023 budget and PWCS is incredibly pleased that we will be able to enhance our pay plans and get us closer to regionally competitive pay for our staff. We are investing more than $80 million in salary increases for our staff. This is the single largest increase in the history of PWCS. Employees received an email last week with information about the new pay scales and what that means for them. We are also offering compensation webinars on May 10th, 11th, and 12th for any staff member to learn more about the change to pay scales and to address questions and concerns they might have. Employees can refer to the May 3rd edition of the Communicator to register for the webinar. Additionally, employees can find
      answers to frequently asked questions related to the employee pay scale on the Compensation and Classification section of our Human Resources department page on
    • PWCS is also proud to recognize May as Better Speech and Hearing Month. I want to recognize the transformative work of our team who provides services for our students with hearing and speech impairments. Teachers, certified interpreters, and our Speech Language Pathologists are vital to ensuring all students learn and achieve.
    • I want to conclude this evening by noting that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We have heard a lot about Mental Health Awareness month this evening. As part of our Strategic Plan, we will be continuing to address the social and emotional needs of ALL our staff and students. We are expanding our Division-wide Social Emotional Learning so that our students have strategies for dealing with stressors. As part of the PWCS Heals initiative, employees will be provided opportunities to become part of learning communities within their school buildings with a focus on teamwork and self-care. SEL specialists across the county are focused on promoting the social and emotional wellness of our school communities. One example of the work happening by our SEL specialists was the Battlefield Health and Wellness walk and fair that I had the opportunity to attend last Saturday. It was a successful event that provided a wealth of information and resources to support physical mental and emotional wellbeing within the community. There are many other examples like this such as the Suicide Awareness Walk hosted at Forest Park High School.
    • I want to invite everyone to join me at this year's Suicide Awareness Walk at Forest Park High School on Saturday, May 7 at 8:30 a.m. This event is free for our Prince William community. There will be guest speakers, vendors, a 6.2 mile walk to honor those we have lost and give hope to the many who still struggle with mental health issues.
    • Our Student Services team has compiled resources and more on the Mental Health Awareness Month webpage. Visit and go to the Student Services page or look for articles and features in the Scoop each week during May.
    • Mr. Chairman, this concludes Superintendent's Time.