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  • November 3, 2021

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    School Board Meeting of November 3, 2021

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    The School Board Approved:

    Citizens addressed the School Board on the following topics:

    • American Education Week (PDF)
    • Volunteers and substitute employees
    • Vaccine and mask mandates
    • Social-emotional and mental health needs
    • Culturally responsive teaching and critical race theory
    • Revision of Policy 738 (PDF), "Nondiscrimination and Harassment of Students"
    • Regulation 562.01-1 - Certificated Personnel - Planning Time
    • Workloads for teachers and other staff

    Student Representative Matters:

    • Thank you to staff and students for their efforts during the first quarter of school.

    Staff Presentations:

    Superintendent's Time:

    • I would like to start tonight by again thanking our teachers, administrators, and support staff for their hard work. Their dedication to our students has ensured this year has been a success.
    • With the end of the first quarter, report cards will be going out soon. The Division's academic achievement data from the first-quarter will be shared publicly during the November 16 School Board meeting.
    • I am very proud of how we have navigated through this pandemic. Our objective at the start of this year was to provide a quality educational option for all students, ensuring that all students had the opportunity to return in-person to our classrooms.
    • We have achieved this goal. Thank you to our employees, students, and their families, who continue to follow our mitigation strategies. This has not been an easy time for anyone, and we appreciate all your cooperation.
    • Which leads me to the good news. Last night, CDC approved the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11. 
    • This is a game-changer for our students and our schools. And this is great news for families and caregivers, who have been waiting for the moment our children are eligible for this layer of protection against the virus. 
    • The vaccines are truly our pathway out of the pandemic, and they are the safest measure we can take to prevent the spread of COVID. 
    • To all of our families and caregivers, I am encouraging you to consult with a medical provider and get your family vaccinated if your child is eligible.
    • As I have stated since I was first appointed to this role, our work will be guided by core values, including a commitment to equity.
    • A key step forward in that commitment is the creation of an Equity Office.
    • I would like to announce that Dr. Lucretia N. Brown, our new Chief Equity Officer, will join us November 15. I look forward to working with her to continue to explore how we can champion and implement educational equity and an inclusive environment in our schools. 
    • Dr. Brown joins us from Allentown, Pennsylvania, where she served as the deputy superintendent of Equity, Accountability, and School Improvement for the Allentown School District.
    • As Chief Equity Officer for PWCS, Dr. Brown will serve as a member of the Executive Cabinet and will develop and implement short- and long-term equity goals that support the Division's mission, vision, and four-year strategic plan.
    • Dr. Brown's office will also oversee our equal employment opportunity work, as well as Title IX compliance.
    • I look forward to the coherence Dr. Brown and her office will bring to our equity focus.
    • Lastly, I would like to acknowledge two very important days that our School Division will recognize with staff and student holidays: Diwali and Veterans Day. 
    • This school year is the first year we have observed Diwali, one of the major religious festivals in Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism, with a staff and student holiday.
    • For Veterans Day, our schools hold a wide variety of activities to honor our veterans this time of year. 
    • In closing, on behalf of PWCS, I would like to share our immense gratitude to those who have served and are currently serving in the armed forces. 
    • Thank you to all the veterans and their families for their lasting contributions to our country. 
    • Mr. Chairman, this includes the Superintendent's report.


    First Readings - No action is required on first readings.