Kids-N-Cops partnership mixes fun and mentoring to build skills for life
Posted on 05/24/2018
Picture of police officers with group of Minnieville Elementary students

In its second year, an award-winning partnership is continuing to reap benefits for the Minnieville Elementary School family. Under police officer Dennis Jensen’s leadership last year, members of the Prince William County (PWC) Police Department mentored Minneville students; that partnership led to Minnieville and the Police Department winning the 2017 PWC Community Partnership of the Year Award.

Although Jensen is no longer assigned to Minnieville as a school resource officer, he vowed to continue his commitment to the school. Joining administrators this year, he helped launch a family fun day, tagged “Kids-N-Cops,” so that police mentors and others in the department could engage with students as well as their families. 

“Bringing in members of the Police Department has been a game changer for us, bridging outside community resources with our school community,” said Nathaniel Provencio, principal of Minnieville. “Allowing our students to see our police officers in a positive light will go a long way in building relationships in our community.”

The students and the officers ran races, played basketball, and enjoyed lunch together, courtesy of the PWCS Office of School Food and Nutrition Services.

“The partnership we have with the Police Department allows our kids the opportunity to be face-to-face with real-life heroes,” said assistant principal Deborah Ellis.