Bull Run Middle Captures Top Two Regional Spots in The Stock Market Game™
Posted on 05/24/2019
Students and teachers at Bull Run MS displaying their Stock Market Game awardsStudents from Bull Run Middle School (BRMS) took first and second place in the Middle School Division of the George Mason University (GMU) Regional Stock Market Game. Seventh-graders Harrison Brooks, John DiPasquale, Sidney Yang and Hannah Young earned top honors. Ava Collins, Vivian Denny and Amrita Talwar, all eighth graders, earned second place.

The Stock Market Game™ is sponsored statewide by the Virginia Council on Economic Education and locally by GMU. Student teams are given $100,000 to invest in a simulation of the Stock Market from early February through mid-April. The goal is to increase the value of an on-line portfolio through real time buying and selling stocks on the NYSE and NASDAQ. There are some restrictions installed to promote healthy investment strategies, but teams are essentially allowed to use typical stock trading practices.

The game is offered to seventh and eighth grade SIGNET students and is an extension of a lesson students learn about the stock market. They are tasked with researching and making predictions for company stocks of their choice. Students are engaging in math, social studies, business, economics, and language skills while learning about the stock market and how to invest wisely.

After the lesson, students are given the option of forming a team and playing the game. Students are provided with basic investment guidance and are given independence while playing the game. The teams usually spend time outside of class researching companies and must work together to increase the value of their portfolio.

In addition to learning how to invest, students must also learn how to work together as a team. According to Harrison on the winning seventh grade team, “The game has taught me no matter how big or small a problem is, communication and team work are the best way to solve them.”

Bull Run Middle SIGNET teacher Jeff Lucier explains, “The goal is to introduce the students to real life investing, not to win. My hope is that they will gain a better understanding that will help them as adults. They must handle the challenge of working as a group while navigating the current trends of the financial world. Since no real money is involved, this is a safe environment to learn about investing.”