Westridge Elementary students create, send cards of encouragement to California fire victims
Posted on 11/26/2018
Westridge ES Student making a cardCounselors Carolyn Fasana and Joanne Hanger used a real-world example to teach fifth grade students at Westridge Elementary School a lesson on empathy. Students in Jennifer Stark’s class recently designed cards of encouragement for students at Willow Elementary School in Agoura Hills, California.

Fasana previously lived across the street from Willow Elementary School and developed the lesson plan.

“Many of the students at Willow were directly impacted by the Woolsey fire,” Fasana said. “This activity supports our student lessons in empathy, and hopefully will bring comfort to students at Willow Elementary School.”

After Fasana’s presentation, the students met in small groups to discuss what types of sentiments they could write on their cards.

The students said they enjoyed the assignment. Albert said he thought the fire was sad, but that he did appreciate the assignment.

“I think it is sad there was a fire that had to come ruin things,” Albert said. “It must be bad to have things taken away from you like that. This is a good assignment because the cards will ensure the students that things will get better.”

Andrew drew a playground on the front of his card so that the students can remember the fun of their playground.

“I said sorry that this had to happen and hopefully it won’t happen again,” he said.

Addison said she liked the assignment because it is about being nice to people and making people feel good.

“I have learned how to help people and show empathy by writing something good to them and learning what other people are dealing with,” she said.

The kindergarten through second grade students also made a banner featuring a willow tree with the fingerprints of each student. It will be sent to Willow Elementary School along with the cards of encouragement.