WOW! Coles Elementary students gain healthy opportunities through “Healthy Kids” grant
Posted on 10/04/2018
Coles ES Healthy Kids Grant

Coles Elementary School received a $2,000 Healthy Kids Grant from the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia. The money will be used for the launch of the WOW, “Work Out Weekly” program for fourth and fifth-grade students. “Healthy Kids” Grants are awarded to schools to help fund programs that increase physical activity and/or improve nutrition. This year the foundation awarded $20,245. Coles Elementary is the only Prince William County Public School to receive a grant.

When the weather permits, students can exercise outside, but as physical education teacher Laurie Brady explained, “When the weather gets cooler, we want to have a similar workout program for students inside. Morning workouts will help them focus better in their classes and builds their activity levels in general.”

Brady added, “We really want to bring up our fitness scores. The scores are useful indicators of student health and show us where help is needed. And helping our students to build lifelong healthy habits starts now!” 

Coles Elementary students are excited about the program.

"I like exercising before school! It makes my brain smarter,” said a fourth-grade student. While another fourth-grader added, "Exercising makes me happy!" Their fifth-grade schoolmate shared, "I like learning how to keep my body strong and healthy in our morning fitness routines.” 

Ramona Richardson, Coles Elementary kindergarten teacher and supporter of Brady’s endeavors, petitioned for the grant. “As students come off the bus in the morning they do the exercises before going to their homeroom. The research shows that increased oxygen flow results in better attention. Brady has also noticed an increased flexibility and athletic endurance of our students.”