Connecting students with learning using art
Posted on 05/17/2019
Clare Phillips and Sue Zongker earn Kennedy Ctr. CETA program certificatesEngaging with a student and sparking their interest in learning is the goal of every teacher. Once the teacher has the student’s interest, keeping that desire to learn is the next challenge teachers face. Using the arts to introduce students to new concepts and ideas is one way that teachers excite their students and increase their engagement and participation. The Kennedy Center offers a program of study called “Changing Education Through the Arts” (CETA) to use the arts to keep students interested in what they are learning.

This year, The Kennedy Center awarded 53 Certificates of Study from the CETA program; and two of these certificates went to Clare A. Phillips and Sue Zongker, teachers at Occoquan Elementary School. To receive this certificate of study, Phillips and Zongker participated in a minimum of 21 hours of professional learning through the program, exploring how to bring the arts into their classrooms as part of the every day curriculum. During this program of study, both educators contributed to the development of documentation showing the impact of the arts on student learning, while working with colleagues in courses and workshops.

Congratulations to Phillips and Zongker and to their students at Occoquan who will benefit from this program of learning.