‘The Dot’ inspires students to make their mark.
Posted on 09/23/2019
Dr. Walts talking with students in a classroom at Bennett ES on Dot Day

International Dot Day was celebrated around the globe and at Bennett Elementary this month. The day involved activities that incorporated dots of every color and kind, everywhere in the school.

The special day is named for the classic storybook by Peter H. Reynolds, “The Dot.” The story follows a student who is challenged by a teacher to make her mark. The ensuing journey is one of self-discovery as a girl embarks on an unknown path to see where it takes her and to make her own mark on the world.

After being “dotted” by the kindergarten students, PWCS Superintendent Dr. Steve Walts read “The Dot” to all kindergarten classes. He was joined by Todd Erickson, associate superintendent for central elementary schools.

First-graders participated in a buddy dot activity, where they decorated dots, cut them in half, then traded with classmates. A gallery walk was created in the hallway where the students could see each other’s work on display.

This global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration began with a teacher who introduced the book to her class in 2009.

Readers use a website, www.thedotclub.org, to collaborate with other schools worldwide and share their special talents, news, photos, art, videos, and ideas on how they celebrated Dot Day and made their own mark.

The special day was celebrated by 16,740,277 individuals in 182 countries, including celebrities. Readers are encouraged to challenge their favorite author, illustrator, musician, sports star, politician, movie/tv star to visit the Celebri-Dots blog and create a dot of their own to share.