Nominees for Teacher and Principal of the Year announced
Posted on 12/09/2019
Gold Medals Principal of the Year- Teacher of the YearThirty-nine teachers have been nominated by school staff and parents to be recognized as this year’s PWCS Teacher of the Year, and seven principals have been nominated for the PWCS Principal of the Year award.

Teacher nomination packets are evaluated based on award criteria including the teacher’s ability to instill in students a desire to learn and achieve; understand the individual needs of the students; and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of subject matter, and to share it effectively with students.

Criteria for selection of the Principal of the Year include the ability to manage effectively; demonstrate and encourage creativity and innovation; foster cooperation between the school and the community; encourage team spirit; demonstrate leadership and exemplify commitment; and continue to play an active role in the classroom.

Nominees for these awards as well as educators who received their National Board Certification will be honored by the Prince William County School Board and Superintendent at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 24, at a reception at Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School.

Congratulations to these World-Class educators and administrators.

Teachers Nominated for Teacher of the Year

Kristina Aldrich, Antietam Elementary School
Lisa Nicole Baker-Perry, Buckland Mills Elementary School
Molly Beck, Stonewall Jackson High School
George Bishop, Battlefield High School
Laurie Brady, Coles Elementary School
Faith Broome, Chris Yung Elementary
Nancy Burrer-Meza, Buckland Mills Elementary School
Amy Cofer, Pattie Elementary School
Deanna Cohen, T. Clay Wood Elementary School
Sarah Colley, Buckland Mills Elementary
Melissa Edmonds, Kyle Wilson Elementary School
Sarah Flores, Patriot High School
Robyn Frazier, Victory Elementary School
Mary Elizabeth Garcia, Buckland Mills Elementary School
Dustin Goode, Gainesville Middle School
Joni Griffin, Freedom High School
Matthew Grimsley, Independence Nontraditional School
Kerry Haddad, Forest Park High School
Jon Hoffman, C.D. Hylton High School
Amy Holt, Bennett Elementary School
Rebecca Kurylo, Pattie Elementary School
Deborah Magill, Fitzgerald Elementary School
Jennifer Marshall-Greeson, Osbourn Park High School
Lori McDonald, Benton Middle School
Deana Miller, Battlefield High School
Meghan Morse, Parkside Middle School
Cynthia Nordan, Penn Elementary School
Carolyn Renk, Henderson Elementary School
Erin Roche, Westridge Elementary School
Kylie Samko, Graham Park Middle School
Mietta Solliday, Forest Park High School
Karen Stamp, Marshall Elementary School
Molly Stookey, Yorkshire Elementary School
Alexander Sturges, Osbourn Park High School
Christine Terenchin, C.D. Hylton High School
Christine Thai-Pappa, Chris Yung Elementary School
Dawn Weber, Battlefield High School
Michelle Whitlock, King Elementary School
Lauren Vance, Battlefield High School

Principals Nominated for Principal of the Year

Neil Beech, Osbourn Park High School
Anita Flemons, Old Bridge Elementary School
Kimberly Gudinas, Fitzgerald Elementary School
Richard Nichols, Stonewall Jackson High School
Catherine Porter-Lucas, Gainesville Middle School
Kimberly Werle, Loch Lomond Elementary School
Ron Whitten, Covington-Harper Elementary School