students gathered around a table with top secret folders; text reads Who did it? Students investigate missing Gingerbread Man

In the second-grade classroom of Leah Sadare at Marumsco Hills Elementary School, a missing persons crime scene was under investigation - the Gingerbread Man was missing!

Each second-grade class took a turn putting on detective hats. Students showed their knowledge in how to draw conclusions from the facts to solve the case of the lost, spiced individual by gathering clues, conducting interviews, and using their background knowledge. They determined several plausible hypotheses about the suspects and backed up their thoughts with clues that made observers understand their insights.

"It was amazing! It was so much fun solving it!" said one student.

Sadare created the Gingerbread Man Crime Scene activity to involve each student at their skill level and give them a hands-on opportunity where they could show mastery of their inferencing skills.

"Students were able to access the curriculum without any reading or writing barriers," said Anne Glencer, special education teacher. "This activity was engaging and prompted the students to discover ideas and problem-solve at their independent levels."

Engaging students through collaboration and fun activities is Positively PWCS!

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