A collage of the six winning posters for Foreign Language Week

PWCS celebrates National Foreign Language Week each spring by organizing a variety of activities that showcase the language diversity of the students and staff in their school communities and the world languages studied in their schools. Results are in from the school division's National Foreign Language Week poster contest for middle and high school students.

The student poster contest allows any student studying one of the 10 languages offered in PWCS to use his or her art skills to design a poster representing the theme "With languages you are at home anywhere."

Congratulations to this year's winners:

High school

  • First place: Jasmine Pettaway, Forest Park High School (sponsoring teacher, Natallia Shamshyna)
  • Second place: Rosalind Monsanto, Gar-Field High School (sponsoring teacher, Carolina Lopez)
  • Third place: Devine Porter, Woodbridge High School (sponsoring teacher, Lida Lowe)

Middle school
  • First place: Jai Park, Reagan Middle School (sponsoring teacher, Kelly Klein)
  • Second place: Gabriel Mortenson, Benton Middle School (sponsoring teacher, Andrew Heron)
  • Third place: Mikayla Carlyle, Bull Run Middle School (sponsoring teacher, Jamie Arredondo)


Each year, middle and high schools host an individual poster contest and select the school-based winner according to specific rubrics. The school's first-place winner is entered in the Division Poster Contest. All Division contest entries can also be viewed on the World Languages webpage. This year's Division-level judges included Debbie Bernard, retired K-12 visual arts coordinator; Phyllis Fenner, retired high school French teacher and department chair; Elaine Pighini, retired art teacher of over 30 years at Woodbridge Middle School, and Doreen Raymond, retired French middle and high school teacher.

Thank you to all students, teachers, and judges who made this year's contest possible.