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As Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Steve Walts shared at the April 1 School Board meeting, the highest priority for PWCS remains the physical and mental health of students and staff. Our teachers, students, administrators, and families are not expected to replicate the school day at home. The goal is to ensure that our teachers and students are supported during this unprecedented time.

Following are some key points Dr. Walts mentioned regarding the learning and grading plan for the remainder of the academic year.


  • Marking periods one, two, and three will be graded. The sum of the grade for each of the three quarters will be divided by three to determine the final grade.
  • To maximize the flexibility for students to raise their grades, the third quarter is extended until April 24, 2020.
  • On May 5, third quarter report cards will be distributed.
  • Consistent with Virginia Department of Education grading guidance, the fourth quarter will be ungraded and will remain a period of optional distance learning for students both online and off.
  • All students will be able to continue to submit optional work that will support completion of graduation requirements or demonstrate mastery of a subject.
  • Consistent with our current grading regulation, to ensure that the final grade accurately represents the student's achievement and progress, the final grade may be modified by the teacher to improve the student's grade up until the end of the academic year.
  • Spring graduation status will be finalized for all seniors as of May 29, 2020.
  • All other students will continue to learn online or through other offline distance learning resources through June 12.

Continuity of Learning Plan

The home learning plan PWCS offers is meant to provide students with a continuity of learning: opportunities for them to learn, to challenge themselves, and to review and retain past lessons, given the limitations of virtual learning under the current conditions.

The Home Learning page is your starting point - on this page you will find links to all the other learning resource pages, including:

  • The Continuity of Learning Timeline (Phases) page gives a timeline for each phase of the division's plan to provide resources to schools, educators, and students since the closure on March 13;
  • Phase 4 of The Continuity of Learning Plan - Virtual Schoolhouse offers a brief outline for each learning level, with a sample schedule for what a week of learning might look like. (Your child's school and teacher(s) will be sharing more specific details.)
  • The Special Education Resources page is a starting point for parents of students who have special needs to find learning resources directly targeted to their student's identified needs.
  • Under the "Division Digital Resources" heading, two buttons lead to helpful information from the Office of Information Technology Services:
    • The Collaboration Resources page provides information about how to use and access the division technology you need to view personal accounts and how to get help if you have a problem.
    • The Learning Resources page connects you to learning apps like Adobe Spark and Khan Academy for educational content that may enhance daily lessons.
  • Finally, "Additional Resources," lists more resources that may be of interest.

Please remember:

  • The plan will continue to evolve as we learn how to navigate during this unprecedented time. We appreciate your patience.
  • All of the activities posted and provided are optional. Students will not be held accountable for work done outside of school. No grades will be given.
  • Home learning can be complicated for parents, teachers, and students. Many teachers, while determined to stay connected with their students, often will also be dealing with their own children and other family members in the midst of their "home office."
  • Our goal is not to overwhelm families, but to provide support, guidance, and resources to help you find learning resources that are most appropriate for your family.