Collage of photos of the virtual performance of Peter Pan by Coles ES

Despite schools being closed for the remainder of the school year, Coles Elementary School's Drama Club still performed "Peter Pan." From the safety of their homes, students logged into, a video conferencing app, and the show went on.

Like many students, Coles Elementary's Drama Club participants were devastated when their school year was cut short in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Pre-production of the "Peter Pan" show had started in October with workshops and auditions. The roles were set, and students began practicing in January. They were scheduled to take the stage on March 20.

Megan Urbaniak, Helena Atwood, Yasmin Bordas, Jennifer Singleton, and Mailelei Pollington are parent volunteers who coordinate the club. Urbaniak, who has a son in fifth-grade and a daughter in first-grade, participated in theater during her middle and high school years. She serves as the lead club coordinator.

"They were so excited about performing, so we wanted to give them a platform to do it," she said.

The only in-person rehearsal took place on March 10, then the 35-member student cast switched to the virtual world.

"A few of the students were nervous about using Zoom, but we did a dry run a few hours prior with the students practicing muting themselves and unmuting for their lines," Urbaniak explained.

Students, who are in grades second through fifth, dressed in costumes they created. Using some of the features on Zoom, they added backgrounds to create their set.

The show was recorded, then shared privately on YouTube for students and their families to enjoy.