Freda McKindra holding one of her books. Book cover with mother leaning over child who is in bed.

Mary Williams Elementary School Teacher Freda McKindra is writing a children's book about the changes that both students and teachers face during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will be the special education teacher's third book, and McKindra hopes to have the book released early next year.

"The message that I want to share is that changes are okay if the intent is on keeping everyone safe," she said.

These words are inspired by the Mary Williams Elementary motto, "We are Better Together."

McKindra's love of family, that can be recalled through books, inspired her to become an author. The mother of three began her writing career while stationed in Hawaii with her husband, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Chris McKindra.

"I tend to base my books on the events that my own children may be going through. Thankfully my husband is a fantastic artist, so he illustrates my books," she said.

McKindra's first book, "Punky Clean Your Room," was released in January 2013. The book is about the struggle that many parents face motivating children to clean their room. The book's main character, Punky, gets "carried away" while having fun and makes a big mess. If she doesn't clean her room, her mom is going to take away her favorite toy, Ms. Bear.

"What One-Year-Olds Do," McKindra's second book, released in July 2013, is about Tuggy, a one-year-old boy, who is mischievous and causes havoc in his family's house. The story helps children understand why younger siblings act the way they do.

Both books are ideal for children ages 6 through 8 and embrace diversity. They are available for sale on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble bookstores.

McKindra started her career in education while serving as a substitute teacher in her children's schools. She decided to become a teacher after seeing the need for special education teachers.