Prince William County SEPTA to recognize PWCS educators, staff, students, programs at annual awards
Posted on 04/28/2022
PWC SEPTA logo on plaque

The Prince William County Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA) will hold its third annual recognition awards ceremony virtually at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 1. The event will recognize the outstanding teachers, administrators, professionals, school staff, students, and community members who have gone above and beyond to support students with disabilities in our community.

To join the celebration and help recognize these individuals, please register in advance  to be provided the link for the ceremony.




Congratulations to the following PWCS nominees:

Outstanding Administrator

Ken Burton, Springwoods Elementary School

Amy Cole, Independence Nontraditional School

Mark Mahalchick, Antietam Elementary School

Matthew Meyer, Cedar Point Elementary School  

David Parrish, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School

Richard J. Terrillion, Cluster 4 Coordinator (Chris Yung, Ellis, Mullen, Sinclair, Sudley, and West Gate Elementary Schools, Unity Braxton Middle School, and Unity Reed High School)


Outstanding Instructional Assistant/Paraprofessional

Sadia Ajaz, Antietam Elementary School

Dana Bragg, Antietam Elementary School

Tymesha Ford, Bel Air Elementary School

Provvidenza Cortese, Woodbridge High School

Kelly Gandee, Bel Air Elementary School

Jen McDonald, Springwoods Elementary School

Susan Medici, Antietam Elementary School


Outstanding General Education Teacher - Elementary (Includes Pre-K)

Kelly Brinson, Buckland Mills Elementary School

Lori J. Dorrel, Antietam Elementary School

Toni Anne Harris, Buckland Mills Elementary School

Tessa Swiger, Buckland Mills Elementary School

Emily Turkovich, Antietam Elementary School

Shannon Zachariasen, Springwoods Elementary School


Outstanding General Education Teacher - Secondary

Emily Bradberry, Gainesville High School


Outstanding Special Education Teacher - Elementary (Includes Pre-K)

Theresa Brito, Washington-Reid Preschool Center

Elizabeth Brownlow, Cedar Point Elementary School

Yukiko Dove, Leesylvania Elementary School

Lauren Fenner, Swans Creek Elementary School

Stephanie Gatewood, Rockledge Elementary School

Carly Killmeyer, Marumsco Hills Elementary School

Melissa Mardeusz, Springwoods Elementary School

Rebecca Pfister, PWC Virtual Learning Academy – Elementary

Emily Turkovich, Antietam Elementary School

Linda Ware, Washington-Reid Preschool Center


Outstanding Special Education Teacher - Secondary

Stacie Bonat, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School

Joseph Campagna, C.D. Hylton High School

Ann Johnson, Woodbridge High School

Lyndsay McKay, Gainesville High School

Amy Elliott-Villegas, Lake Ridge Middle School

Donnalea Wilkerson, Independence Nontraditional School


Outstanding Inclusive Program

Fin Friends, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School


Outstanding Student who supports inclusion

Ella Van Echo, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School


Outstanding Related Services Provider (counselors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech pathologists, adaptive physical education)

Mackenzie Poirier, Antietam Elementary School, Speech Pathologist

Erin Saar, Antietam Elementary School, Counselor


Outstanding Support Staff

Renee K. Graham, Antietam Elementary School, Library Media Assistant


Outstanding Co-Curricular Staff (specials/encores, electives, English for speakers of other languages, assistive technology specialists, after school programs)

Darianella Baret, Marumsco Hills Elementary School

Nancy Blake, Antietam Elementary School

Les Cline, Leesylvania Elementary School

Andrea Morgan, Cedar Point Elementary School

Niki Niles, PWCS Special Education Department; Behavior Specialist


Outstanding Bus Driver

John Mendez, PWCS Transportation Department