PWCS Service Awards

The Prince William County School Board and school division's leadership team recognize employees who have reached significant milestones in their careers with Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS). Service Awards are awarded each year to administrators, teachers, and classified employees who have completed a minimum of five years of service, and service thereafter in five-year increments, with the school division. Together, these employees have brought our division to where it is today and are leading our effort to provide our students with a World-Class Education.

This year, PWCS will honor the outstanding service and dedication of 2,032 employees with Service Awards. Chris Abeel, strings teacher with the Office of Student Learning, tops the list with 45 years of service. Other honorees include nine employees with 40 years of service, 15 with 35 years of service, 45 with 30 years of service, 81 with 25 years of service, and 259 with 20 years of service. Another 1,622 employees have reached milestones of five, 10, and 15 years.

Honorees are listed below in alphabetical order by years of service.

45 Years

Christine Abeel, Office of Student Learning

40 Years

Michael Anns, Office of Transportation Services; Glenn Cantrell, Office of Facilities Services; Pamela Childress, Saunders Middle School; R Crittenden, Office of Facilities Services; Elizabeth Gibson, Forest Park High School; Marcia Nuzum, River Oaks Elementary School; Charles Payne, Office of Transportation Services; Elizabeth Rector, Office of Transportation Services; and Rhonda Scott, Office of Transportation Services.

35 Years
Kelly Carr, Office of Special Education; Peggy Cornwell, Office of Transportation Services; Susan Danielson, Rosa Parks Elementary School; Charles Fitzgerald, Office of Facilities Services; Sue Gochenour, Independence Nontraditional School; Teddy Hawley, Osbourn Park High School; Brian Heater, Gainesville Middle School; Karen Hoppe, Office of Transportation Services; Arleen Mccallum-Graham, Rippon Middle School; Michael Mulgrew, Superintendent's Staff; Cathleen Nickerson, Saunders Middle School; Nora Payne, Westridge Elementary School; Debra Smith, Office of Transportation Services; Donna Stofko, Office of Student Learning; and Linda Williams, Bull Run Middle School.

30 Years

Marcia Abel, Vaughan Elementary School; Beth Allison, Office of Transportation Services; Gary Alonso, Forest Park High School; Timothy Arrington, Office of Transportation Services; Gina Bailes, Office of Special Education; Bruce Brown, Graham Park Middle School; Marcia Brugger, Dumfries Elementary School; Stewart Cornwell, Office of Transportation Services; Teresa Costello, Mountain View Elementary School; Robert Dulin, Patriot High School; Tamara Foster, Potomac High School; Kimberly Gardziel, Office of Special Education; Cheryl Gedney, Springwoods Elementary School; Rita Goss, Superintendent's Staff; Karen Gregg, Marsteller Middle School; Melissa Gulley, Ronald Wilson Reagan Middle School; David Huckestein, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Frank Hughes, Office of Facilities Services; Louis Johnson, Battlefield High School; Rodger Jones, Department for Human Resources; Lisa Keen, Ashland Elementary School; Kevin Kerns, Patriot High School; Nancy Kulak, Cedar Point Elementary School; Cathy Lane, C.D. Hylton High School; Leslie Lydick, Bull Run Middle School; Thomas Moulen, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Sherri Muster, Parkside Middle School; Catherine Norberg, Piney Branch Elementary School; Lee-Ann Paik, Marsteller Middle School; John Payne, Office of Student Management and Alternative Programs; Michael Presley, Office of Facilities Services; Lisa Racine, C.D. Hylton High School; Barry Ramirez, Sudley Elementary School; Donna Salinas, School Food and Nutrition Services; Kelly Sanders, Office of Special Education; Elizabeth Schadlich, Covington-Harper Elementary School; Sarah Senio, Signal Hill Elementary School; Sandra Shackelford, Superintendent's Staff; Mary Shildneck, School Food and Nutrition Services; Mark Smaltz, Brentsville District High School; John Spaulding, Independence Nontraditional School; Cynthia Stephens, Bristow Run Elementary School; Daryl Thomas, Gravely Elementary School; Lisa Vega, Bull Run Middle School; and Larry Williams, C.D. Hylton High School.

25 Years

April Angeli-Rodriguez, Dumfries Elementary School; Kathryn Bailey, Porter Traditional School; Brian Bassett, Gar-Field High School; Kellie Bernal, Gravely Elementary School; Richard Bottomley, Rippon Middle School; Debora Bowles, Fred M. Lynn Middle School; Susan Briscoe, Loch Lomond Elementary School; Cynthia Bushey, Potomac View Elementary School; Angela Cabell, Freedom High School; Kimberly Chandler, Office of Facilities Services; Frank Chimento, Potomac High School; Christina Coleman, Unity Reed High School; Ana Coreas, C.D. Hylton High School; Denise Cowne, Gainesville Middle School; Kirsten Cox, Osbourn Park High School; Kathryn Creech, Enterprise Elementary School; Ronald Crowe, Office of Risk Management and Security Services; Kim Dailey, Unity Reed High School; Tommi Del Gaudio, Lake Ridge Middle School; Rose Gallitz, Potomac High School; Peggy Geyer, Porter Traditional School; Donna Gibson, Forest Park High School; Angela Gregory, Bristow Run Elementary School; Kathleen Halse, Superintendent's Staff; Donna Hankins, Office of English Learner Programs and Services; Robin Hilliard, Benton Middle School; Eric Huffman, Office of Facilities Services; P. Angela Jenkins, Freedom High School; Marla Jennings, Ronald Wilson Reagan Middle School; Claudette Johnson, Potomac Middle School; Peggy Kennedy, Office of Accountability; Krista Kimble, Gravely Elementary School; Kelly Klein, Office of Transportation Services; Marialyce Kosmaczewski, Bull Run Middle School; Karl Kronlage, Osbourn Park High School; Susan Larson, Mullen Elementary School; Christopher Lem, Unity Reed High School; Pamela Lieb, Office of Transportation Services; Rachel Liming, Penn Elementary School; Susan Lovegrove, Gar-Field High School; Josefina Lucas, Office of Transportation Services; Allyson Luttrell, Unity Braxton Middle School; Cindy Maccini, Office of Transportation Services; Jason Maneno, Gainesville Middle School; Deborah Marchio, C.D. Hylton High School; Gary Martin, Lake Ridge Elementary School; Kimberly Martin, Office of Transportation Services; Teresa Martinez, Fred M. Lynn Middle School; Kathleen Maxfield, Mary Williams Elementary School; Kathleen Mcloughlin, Office of Special Education; Robert Mello, Battlefield High School; Irene Miller, Bull Run Middle School; Kathleen Morris, Office of Student Learning; Kimberly Newman, Saunders Middle School; Joanne Ortiz, Marumsco Hills Elementary School; Susan Pieper, Office of Facilities Services; Kelly Pratte, Belmont Elementary School; Brenda Provorse, Occoquan Elementary School; Laura Pumphrey, Title I Office; Greg Quast, Patriot High School; Cathy Renfrow, Ashland Elementary School; Susan Richmond, Minnieville Elementary School; Brenda Rogers, Office of Transportation Services; Kelly Ruotolo, Mountain View Elementary School; Robyn Scott, Information Technology Services; Christina Silver, Penn Elementary School; Barry Smith, C.D. Hylton High School; Jan Smith, Unity Braxton Middle School; Kevin Smith, Potomac Middle School; Angela Sowers, Office of Student Learning; Amy Swayze-Phillips, Information Technology Services; Shiron Swinton, Adult Education; Jennifer Tate, Office of Transportation Services; Nancy Tate, Office of Transportation Services; Bryan Trachsel, Hampton Middle School; Janelle Whalen, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Ronald Whitten, Covington-Harper Elementary School; Maria Whittington, Unity Reed High School; Lisa Wood, Woodbridge High School; and Cynthia Zorn-Pettigrew, Office of Student Management and Alternative Programs.

20 Years

Comfort Ahenkora, Rockledge Elementary School; Rachel Alachnowicz, Office of Special Education; Elizabeth Albright, Gainesville Middle School; Mohammed Amin, Office of Transportation Services; Bonnie Anderson, Potomac View Elementary School; Laticia Anderson, Rosa Parks Elementary School; Preston Anderson, Office of Facilities Services; Charles Aracich, T. Clay Wood Elementary School; Dawn Aracich, Cedar Point Elementary School; Elizabeth Auten, Cedar Point Elementary School; Heather Averna, Osbourn Park High School; Melissa Bach, The Governor's School @ Innovation Park; Evelyn Baker, Rippon Middle School; Felicia Barbour, Occoquan Elementary School; Viverette Barkley, Saunders Middle School; Gwynne Barnes, Potomac Middle School; Patrice Barnes, Office of Accountability; Gretchen Barnette, Independence Nontraditional School; Debra Bates, Office of Risk Management and Security Services; Neil Beech, Gainesville High School; Gina Bellamy, Office of Student Services; Rosa Bello, Hampton Middle School; William Bimber, Forest Park High School; Jerdleen Boffman, Office of Transportation Services; Stacie Bonat, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Candice Bond, Fitzgerald Elementary School; Deborah Bowman, Ronald Wilson Reagan Middle School; Jason Boynton, Marsteller Middle School; Dan Bredbenner, Forest Park High School; Judith Bryant, Springwoods Elementary School; Kristine Bryant, Woodbridge High School; Deena Bulick, Mullen Elementary School; Melissa Burchard, Buckland Mills Elementary School; Amy Burger, Office of Special Education; Pamela Burke, Unity Braxton Middle School; Kim Burns, Molinari Juvenile Shelter Home; Gilberto Bustos, Beville Middle School; Terry Butler, Office of Transportation Services; Kristi Byrd, Osbourn Park High School; Natividad Caballero, Swans Creek Elementary School; Jennifer Carey, Independence Nontraditional School; Teresa Chamblin, Coles Elementary School; Loretta Chapman, Leesylvania Elementary School; Pamela Clute, Potomac High School; Timothy Coeburn, Office of Facilities Services; Marianne Connolly, Rosa Parks Elementary School; Sandra Coulter, Springwoods Elementary School; Lori Critchley, Dumfries Elementary School; Darlene Crocker, Kilby Elementary School; Kristina Crouch, Tyler Elementary School; Suzanne Croxton, Featherstone Elementary School; Lois Cumings, Office of Transportation Services; Bernadette David, Lake Ridge Middle School; Allyson Davis, Marsteller Middle School; Martha Davis, Office of Transportation Services; Donna Dean, Bennett Elementary School; Julie Denard, Forest Park High School; Steven Denard, Forest Park High School; Ute Dietrich, Office of Transportation Services; Ivelina Dimitrova Cheytanova, Mullen Elementary School; Chad Dively, Unity Reed High School; Judith Dodson, Battlefield High School; Robin Dougalewicz, Office of Transportation Services; Carolyn Doyle, Montclair Elementary School; Carla Drew, Patriot High School; Belinda Eline, Mountain View Elementary School; Rhonda Ellington, Mullen Elementary School; Jennifer Ellis, Bull Run Middle School; Jessica English, Woodbridge High School; Todd Erickson, Superintendent's Staff; Eunice Ervin, Gar-Field High School; Carolyn Everett, Hampton Middle School; Carla Evins, Sudley Elementary School; Annette Fake, Cedar Point Elementary School; Yvonne Farkouh, Alvey Elementary School; Dawn Farrell, Lake Ridge Middle School; Rebecca Farris, Information Technology Services; Diana Fening, Office of Student Services; Monica Findley, Featherstone Elementary School; Beverly Fink, Office of Transportation Services; Adriane Fischer, Kerrydale Elementary School; Anastacia Fisher-Gale, Freedom High School; Beverly Fitzgerald, Office of Transportation Services; Ana Flores Tellez, Ellis Elementary School; Shannon Foremny, Pattie Elementary School; Suzanne Franco, Ellis Elementary School; Sandra Gagne, Office of Transportation Services; Maria Gamez, Woodbridge High School; Ma. Virginia Gatuz, Springwoods Elementary School; Beverly Gibson, Porter Traditional School; Laura Gipson, Victory Elementary School; Jennifer Glover, Henderson Elementary School; Colleen Goldwasser, Mullen Elementary School; Lisa Grant, Office of Transportation Services; Richard Grayson, Beville Middle School; Norma Gutierrez, Hampton Middle School; Kristen Hao, Westridge Elementary School; Tiana Harrison, Forest Park High School; Keniesha Haywood, Mountain View Elementary School; Sherry Heddinger, Penn Elementary School; Donna Hessein, King Elementary School; Kevin Hilton, Battlefield High School; Sherri Hixson, Forest Park High School; Danielle Hodge, Potomac High School; Debra Hoge, Superintendent's Staff; Amy Homan, Battlefield High School; Rachel Horowitz, Penn Elementary School; Nancy House, Osbourn Park High School; Jessica Hruska, Unity Reed High School; Patricia Huertas, Potomac High School; Kathleen Hugh, Woodbridge High School; Heather Hughes, T. Clay Wood Elementary School; Jesepth Hughes, Office of Facilities Services; John Husar, Ronald Wilson Reagan Middle School; Mohammad Hussain, Office of Transportation Services; Jeanne Jabara, Office of Facilities Services; Andrew Jacks, Ashland Elementary School; Christy Johnson, Battlefield High School; Lorie Kagle, Woodbridge High School; Christine Kemp, Bull Run Middle School; Amy Kerns, Patriot High School; Tara Kidwell, Unity Braxton Middle School; Kristan Kish, Adult Detention Center; Claire Klassen, Gainesville Middle School; Roberta Knetter, Department of Human Resources; Michael Knight, Potomac High School; David Knudson, Parkside Middle School; Leah Krucelyak, Beville Middle School; Patricia Ksanznak, Preschool Programs; John Lang, Marsteller Middle School; Lauren Lawhead, Office of Special Education; Christy Lazer, Bull Run Middle School; Preston Lazer, Bull Run Middle School; Valeria Lee, Potomac Middle School; Colette Letellier, Office of Transportation Services; Kent Liam, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Morena Lopez, Old Bridge Elementary School; Jennifer Lupinetti, Independence Nontraditional School; Carl Mainwaring, Saunders Middle School; Naomi Maldonado, Information Technology Services; Elizabeth Mantari, Vaughan Elementary School; Robert Martin, Office of Facilities Services; Toby Mccullough, Patriot High School; Antoinette Mcdonald, Bel Air Elementary School; Evelyn Mckay, Signal Hill Elementary School; Susan Mcneil, Gainesville Middle School; Pedro Mendoza, Office of Transportation Services; Barbara Miller, Marsteller Middle School; Kathryn Miller, Coles Elementary School; Vernon Miller, Office of Facilities Services; Constance Mills, Office of Special Education; Jehovanni Mitchell, Hampton Middle School; Maria Morales, Coles Elementary School; Vicki Moran, Information Technology Services; Emily Morgan, Independence Nontraditional School; Beth Morin, John J. Jenkins Elementary School; Tonya Mullen, Haymarket Elementary School; Debra Murphy, Dumfries Elementary School; Donna Myer, Benton Middle School; Kristen Neall, Office of Special Education; Whitney Nebb, Gar-Field High School; Kristina Nelson, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Priscilla Nelson, Potomac Middle School; Michael Nerenberg, C.D. Hylton High School; Brooke Newman, Office of Special Education; Kelly Nickerson, Enterprise Elementary School; Jeanie Noel, Freedom High School; David Nolan, Patriot High School; Diane Noll, Office of Transportation Services; Lindsey Norton, Buckland Mills Elementary School; Stacy Norwood, Potomac High School; Susan Olah, Woodbridge High School; Tracy Olander, Office of Transportation Services; Tara O'Neill, Loch Lomond Elementary School; Jean Owens, Washington-Reid Preschool Center; Holly Palmer-Campbell, Springwoods Elementary School; Rhonda Pannocchia, Saunders Middle School; Santos Parada, Gar-Field High School; David Parrish, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Stephanie Peace Carroll, Gar-Field High School; Teesha Peak, Office of Student Services; Rery Perez, Potomac View Elementary School; Jennifer Perilla, Tyler Elementary School; Toni Perkins, Sudley Elementary School; Marci Petrie, Ashland Elementary School; Carol Pfeifle, Brentsville District High School; Andrea Phillip, Old Bridge Elementary School; Clare Phillips, Occoquan Elementary School; Teresa Polk, Office of Student Services; Cindy Posey, Marshall Elementary School; Talia Potts, Woodbridge Middle School; Kara Proctor, Lake Ridge Middle School; Nathaniel Provencio, Superintendent's Staff; Edith Pybus, Office of Special Education; Susan Pytel, Sudley Elementary School; Laurie Quinones, Signal Hill Elementary School; Raegan Ray, Beville Middle School; Jason Ritenour, C.D. Hylton High School; Jennifer Robinson, Glenkirk Elementary School; Rozlyn Rodgers, Office of Special Education; Joan Rojsuontikul, Pattie Elementary School; Carrie Roop, Bel Air Elementary School; Barbara Rose, Leesylvania Elementary School; Theodore Rosiak, Potomac Middle School; Reinaldo Rovira, Office of Transportation Services; Katherine Salas, Brentsville District High School; Gerald Saunders, Office of Transportation Services; Susan Schaeffer, McAuliffe Elementary School; Amy Schott, Rockledge Elementary School; Bobbi Scott, Patriot High School; Bridget Seymour, C.D. Hylton High School; Mei Shai, Glenkirk Elementary School; Jessica Shanks, Forest Park High School; Karen Shaver, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Jayne Sherman, Occoquan Elementary School; Jennifer Smith, Battlefield High School; Sheila Smith, Beville Middle School; Seth Solondz, Office of Student Services; Fatima Somma, School Food and Nutrition Services; Maria Sosa, School Food and Nutrition Services; Esther Spear, Bennett Elementary School; Kelly Spinello, Old Bridge Elementary School; Kathryn Stavros, Signal Hill Elementary School; Michele Steinberg, Rosa Parks Elementary School; Johnnie Stever, Office of Transportation Services; Lydia Stewart, Osbourn Park High School; Ellen Stoffels, Office of Transportation Services; Christopher Stone, Sudley Elementary School; Julie Svendsen, West Gate Elementary School; Rebecca Tassa, Rippon Middle School; Jennifer Terrillion, C.D. Hylton High School; Richard Terrillion, Office of Special Education; Laura Tillman, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Lakia Tucker, Freedom High School; James Utterback, Potomac High School; Brenda Vangorder, Office of Accountability; David Via, Office of Facilities Services; Vicente Villanueva, Information Technology Services; Maria Volino, Osbourn Park High School; Nick Vroustouris, Forest Park High School; Ronald Walker, Woodbridge High School; Tami Walrabenstein, Osbourn Park High School; Jill Warner, The Nokesville School; Sharon Watts, Bennett Elementary School; Susan Watts-Stemple, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Robin Weisman, Office of Special Education; Evelyn White, Piney Branch Elementary School; Kenneth Whitney, Forest Park High School; John Wild, Glenkirk Elementary School; Vickie Willenburg, Forest Park High School; Andrea Williams, Glenkirk Elementary School; Juanita Williamson, Office of Special Education; Lauren Wilson, C.D. Hylton High School; William Woodie, Lake Ridge Middle School; Sabrina Yancey, Potomac Middle School; Jill Yezzi, Marshall Elementary School; Michelle Young, Office of Professional Learning; Amy Ziemke, C.D. Hylton High School; and Tamara Zimmerman, Saunders Middle School.