A book image over which is a collection of Zoom pictures of students in a book club above

Fourth and fifth grade students at Ellis Elementary School are meeting in book clubs via Zoom for discussions, thanks to a literacy grant from Dollar General. The grant has enabled Ellis Elementary to purchase book sets for fourth and fifth grade book clubs and provide access to an online digital library.

"The goal is to promote a love for reading," said Christine Klisiewicz, librarian at Ellis. "Students practice reading for meaning and these skills will follow them through their school careers and as adult readers."

The students explore different genres with each book selection. During online book club, the students discuss the characters' motivations, search for the meaning in context clues, and make text-to-self connections.

Congratulations to Klisiewicz, who wrote the grant proposal that brought Ellis this Dollar General literacy grant of nearly $3,000 to support reading achievement through book clubs.