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The Prince William County and PWCS revenue sharing agreement provides 57.23 percent of County general revenue to support the schools General Fund budget of $1.23 billion. The total General Fund budget will increase from $1.19 billion in FY 2021 to $1.23 billion in FY 2022, an increase of $40.4 million, or 3.4 percent.

Changes to the County proposed budget included a reduction of the real estate tax rate by 1-cent, impacting PWCS by $3,921,400, a decrease of the computer and peripheral tax rate of 10-cents, the addition of a cigarette tax of 2-cents per cigarette, and finally, an increase to revenue associated to interest income. The total change to the PWCS budget was $4.1 million. The school division intends to manage these budgetary changes administratively with no spending reductions to the General Fund budget.

As a result, PWCS expects to fully fund the Superintendent's previously proposed funding priorities, summarized here from the Superintendent's FY 2022 Proposed Budget Flyer (PDF).

"I want to thank our teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, community, and School Board for their support and the great successes we have achieved this year, and for the past 16 years that I have proudly served as Superintendent. Together, as a community, and despite significant adversity, PWCS continued to innovate, educate, and support students," shared Superintendent of Schools Dr. Steve Walts.

Dr. Walts' top budget priorities include:

  1. Pandemic-related student and employee support, including resources and staff necessary to continue to meet the unique and significant needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Teachers and staff, providing a step of 2.8 percent average increase for eligible employees and a COLA of 2.2 percent for eligible employees. In addition, the budget includes no health care cost increase for the third year in a row.
  3. Educational equity, and academic achievement for all, including funding for the Regional Special Education Program, increased summer school supports, and English language arts textbooks.
  4. Pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) access, adds an additional five Pre-K classrooms.
  5. Student mental health and wellness, hiring additional school counselors, psychologists, and nurses.
  6. Sustainable facilities, school safety, and support infrastructure, focusing on Capital Improvements Program investments in our oldest schools including natural daylighting and door replacement (fenestration) projects and investment in modernization of our legacy financial and payroll systems.

"I am certain that our amazing employees, students and their families, and the greater Prince William community will continue to build on our legacy of success and deliver a World-Class Education for every student," added Dr. Walts.