Woodbridge High School Choir on football field. Empty stands. Twenty-two students from Woodbridge High School recently performed the National Anthem together in person. This is the largest choir that has performed at the school since beginning of the pandemic last March.

"Our Pre-Assessment Concert was right before we were sent home due to the beginning of COVID-19," explained Joel Shapiro, choir director at Woodbridge High. "The closer of the concert was Greg Gilpin's 'Why We Sing,' which is about why we lift our voices in harmony together. I did not know how poignant that song would be now, looking back on that event."

The National Anthem was performed with a combination of students from two of Shapiro's classes: the Woodbridge Chorale and the Woodbridge Singers. These students performed on the school's football field while keeping at least six feet apart and wearing face coverings. The performance was recorded for two divisionwide events that celebrate PWCS staff members, the Outstanding Educators Ceremony and the Retiree Ceremony

"It was so special," said Shapiro. "The word 'ensemble' means 'together,' and that's what a choir really is. We are nothing without the ensemble sound of all of our collective voices together, so getting to do that together on the field was a really special and fun moment for all of us who participated."

View the Woodbridge choir National Anthem performance.