Graphic of OPHS Logo. Osbourn Park Athletic Hall of Fame

The 2021 Osbourn Park High School (OPHS) Athletic Hall of Fame inductees have been selected by the Hall of Fame Trustees based on their accomplishments. This inaugural class includes athletes, coaches, and contributors. They have brought distinction and honor to the development and success of the Osbourn Park High athletic program.

Please join us in celebrating these outstanding members of the Osbourn Park athletic community. The Induction Ceremony will take place on Thursday, October 28, 2021, at The Old Hickory Golf Club in Woodbridge, VA.

View further event and registration information. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. The proceeds from this event will be used to fund this inaugural OPHS Hall of Fame event as well as future OPHS Hall of Fame events. If interested, please view the sponsorship opportunities.

Congratulations to the 2021 inductees!

Kevin Ambrose - Athlete - Class of 1982
Victor A. Cahoon - Athlete - Class of 1986
Todd Colas - Athlete - Class of 1980
Albert L. Crow - Coach (Administrator)
Andrew Dykstra - Athlete - Class of 2004
Daniel J. Evans Sr. - Coach (Administrator)
Billy Fields - Athlete - Class of 1978
Marcia D. Fletcher - Athlete - Class of 1987
Michael E. Holupka Jr. - Contributor (Booster)
Ariel Karabinus - Athlete - Class of 2010
Jack Lynch - Contributor (Administrator)
Gabrielle M. Mizerak - Athlete - Class of 2009
Larry Nemerow - Coach
Debbie Saffer - Athlete - 1983
Helen Theisen - Athlete - 2008

Nominations were accepted for individuals who, through their accomplishments, have brought distinction and pride to the school and community as an athlete, coach, team, or contributor to the development and success of the Osbourn Park athletic program.